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Good Morning Kids. Here’s a real howler to get things started, Alvin Bragg, who literally rewrote law to basically fabricate a 34-count writ of attainder to persecute by prosecution Donald Trump did this:

MANHATTAN—The Manhattan district attorney’s office, led by anti-Trump prosecutor Alvin Bragg, dismissed trespassing charges against 30 Columbia University protesters who were arrested for occupying a campus building.

The Washington Free Beacon attended the Thursday afternoon proceedings at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse. A trove of students and their supporters, many of whom used face masks and keffiyehs to cover their faces, streamed into the building just before 3 p.m., the Free Beacon observed. inside the courtroom—where audio and video recording is not allowed—a prosecutor in Bragg’s office argued that the defendants should not face criminal penalties, citing their lack of criminal histories and arguing that the protesters will face internal discipline at Columbia.

The prosecutor also argued that Bragg’s office lacked evidence to land convictions in the cases, given those who occupied Hamilton Hall wore masks and covered up surveillance cameras. New York City police arrested the occupiers while they were inside Hamilton Hall. . . 

. . . Once their cases were dismissed, protesters headed outside to hold a defiant press conference. One speaker, whose entire head was covered with a ski mask, said the protesters “resist the pigs, the police in the U.S.”

It’s not just about replacing the American people with a compliant mass of voters and supporters it’s about erasing the collective memory of those still left so future generations cannot rise up and rebel:

The surge of interest in homeschooling since the pandemic is a blessedly welcome development for society, but it has brought with it increased suspicion and scrutiny from the current Powers That Be. Leftwing ideologues have been working on capturing the culture, especially education, for over half a century, ever since they abandoned marching in the streets to make the Long March through the institutions. Homeschooling is a deeply serious threat to the Left’s totalitarian lust for power, and that is why Scientific American, the nation’s leading mainstream science magazine, recently added its voice to the call that homeschooling parents be “regulated.”

. . . The Scientific American op-ed claims that studies which show equal or higher levels of academic achievement among home­schooled students are often “methodologically flawed” – in other words, they produce results that are embarrassing to the establishment. The editors quickly go on to fear-monger about the risk of “horrific abuse” children are exposed to from homeschooling parents; in fact, they’re actually at much greater risk of bullying, violence, and abuse in the Thunderdomes of today’s public schools – not to mention school shootings. The op-ed even warns that some homeschool curricula “extol the virtues of Nazism.” The “Nazi” smear is a sure sign that the aim of this op-ed is to not to ensure the welfare of homeschooled children but to demonize their parents – who tend to (but not always) lean conservative – as A Threat to Democracy™.

. . . Scientific American editors also complain that parents “are not required to have an education themselves to direct instruction.” In response, I would argue three points: one, that there are plenty of video examples online of barely literate, foul-mouthed teachers who don’t know their dangling participle from their XY chromosome; two, that what “educators” are mostly trained to teach today are Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, and anti-Americanism; and three, no one is more passionately committed to give their children a solid education than parents. Countless fathers and mothers (not “birthing parents”) who homeschool have simply taken the leap and committed to educating themselves and then their children. It’s demanding but it’s working, and that’s a “meaningful education” for the whole family.

Those same countless parents across the nation are wised up to, and fed up with, the politicized public education system and its obsession with drag queens, pride flags, transgender indoctrination, personal pronouns, and Critical Race Theory racism. They are sick of the Left’s mission to drive a wedge between them and their kids in order to transfer children’s trust and allegiance to the State.

The upshot is this: the aim of the neo-Marxist Left is to break down the family unit by de-legitimizing parents’ legal and moral right to determine how their own children are raised. The Left wants to take your children and grandchildren and raise them as loyal, dependent subjects of the atheistic State, disconnected from their own history and culture, and devoid of critical thinking skills, intellectual independence, or a spiritual dimension. This is no conspiracy theory; the evidence for it comes directly from the horse’s mouth, with many so-called “educators” proudly proclaiming on social media that they consider themselves activists and revolutionaries out to dismantle or smash every social norm. “I’m your parent now,” they openly tell the schoolchildren in their charge.

Meanwhile, things are heating up in the Pacific. If you think the Chi-Coms don’t see that Joey Sponge_brain Shits-Pants and the fools in Foggy Bottom are compleletyclueless, this happened:

Chinese forces boarded and overwhelmed U.S.-allied vessels on Monday in one of the most dramatic escalations in recent times in the South China Sea, as seen in chaotic footage of the incident released on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Chinese Coast Guard on Monday confronted Philippine navy boats that were attempting to deliver supplies to an outpost in the South China Sea, according to The Associated Press. Footage recently released by the Philippine military depicts Chinese Coast Guard vessels ramming one of the boats and boarding the second boat, destroying and seizing equipment, injuring crew members, and wielding knives, spears and axes.

As Iran is on the verge of a nuclear breakout and Israel continues to face off against them and their proxies in Gaza and Lebanon, and saboteurs and fifth columnists in their own midst in league with Biden and company.

Update, starting this Monday I will be starting a daily course of chemo and radiation that will last 6 weeks. While I will try my best to post every day, I cannot guarantee I’ll have the strength to do so.
As always, your support and words of encouragement have made doing this an honor and a highlight of my day now going on almost 8 years. Wow. 

God bless you all.


  • Today, the motivation of those ignoring the current terrorist warnings is that they’re terrified to single out Muslims as terrorist suspects. The political cost to Joe Biden in states like Michigan, if he were to highlight the very real threat of Muslim extremists entering the United States through our porous Southern border, outweighs any possible threat to the safety of American citizens. So the Biden junta has remained quiet. Sirens Are Blaring and Red Warning Lights Are Blinking at the CIA. Is the White House Listening?
  • What the push to federally “regulate” homeschooling really is. Teach Your Children Well


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  • “The anti-Semitic attack and the rape of a 12-year-old child in Hauts-de-Seine revolt us,” said populist leader Marine Le Pen, whose National Rally party won the European Parliament elections in France this month.“The explosion of anti-Semitic acts, up 300 percent compared to the first three months of 2023, must alert all French people: the stigmatization of Jews for months by the far left through the instrumentalization of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a real threat to civil peace,” she continued. 12-Year-Old Jewish Girl Gang Raped in Anti-Semitic Attack.
  • Islam is a religion that glorifies sexual madness. Boko Haram, Hamas, and Caveman Sex


  • Biden claims that the flight program saves migrants from the dangerous treks through Central America and Mexico as they try to illegally enter the U.S. – hence the “humanitarian” claims of the program. Under his program, the migrants can fly from prosperous countries and luxury vacation islands into American communities to take jobs from U.S. citizens. Biden Okays ‘Humanitarian’ Migrants from Wealthy Nations, Luxury Vacation Hotspots
  • People from the local police to the higher echelons of the government play a part in the operation. Mexican Cartel ‘Travel Agencies’ Selling $15,000 Packages to Illegal Aliens for Help to Cross Border
  • The arrests were made after the Missouri State Highway Patrol was notified that the girl’s cell phone was pinged going westbound down U.S. highway 36, and a trooper spotted an SUV matching the description of the vehicle she was believed to be traveling in. 5 Illegal Immigrants Charged With Kidnapping 14-Year-Old Girl In American Heartland
  • Biden and his Democratic supporters have chosen unassailable political power over the integrity of their nation’s borders, its Constitution, and the clearly expressed will of the American people, as reflected in numerous polls. More than anything, this is why the 2024 election is crucial. Biden’s Immigration Policy: Disaster By Design, Not By Accident
  • Daniel Greenfield: The alleged killer “crossed the border illegally less than a month before the shocking murder,” Biden Has a 12-Year-Old Girl’s Blood on His Hands
  • Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen deflected a question about shutting down the U.S.-Mexico border Thursday when pressed about fentanyl trafficking during a Fox News appearance. The National Center for Health Statistics estimated that 107,543 people died from drug overdoses in 2023, down only 3% from 111,029 in 2022 and the first decrease since 2018, of whom 74,702 and 76,226 were believed to have been killed by synthetic opioids, including fentanyl, according to a May 15 release. Fox News host Neil Cavuto pressed Yellen about the situation on the U.S-Mexico border, asking about shutting it down, during an interview on “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” Biden’s Treasury Sec Completely Fumbles Fox Host’s Basic Question: Should The Border Be Shut Down?
  • A few Senate Republicans have sent Biden’s handlers a strongly worded letter: “It is obvious this executive order was simply performative and politically motivated. The American people see right through your tactics and deserve a president who prioritizes their security.”As true as that is, they unfortunately cannot do anything, given they are a minority in the Senate, and this is the Republican Party we are talking about. Still, the very fact that Biden’s handlers were able to issue this executive order anyway just goes to show their blaming of Republicans for the border was pointless since polling has not shifted in his favor, even among Latinos. Biden’s Ignoring His Own Executive Border Order, But You Knew That Already





  • Robert Zimmerman: “While this demagoguery on the left existed beforehand, Obama made it the number one debate tactic for the left, what I call his legacy of hate. After Obama every dissenting opinion was either “racist,” “bigoted,” “extreme,” or an advocate of “white supremacy.” No debate is allowed. Slanders against anyone are always justified to further the leftist cause. And if you can use these false accusations to get someone censored or blacklisted, all the better! The intellectual dishonesty of Democrats proven once again




  • Louisiana has become the first U.S. state to mandate that the Ten Commandments be displayed in public school classrooms. The law includes any educational institution receiving state funds, from kindergartens to public universities. Governor Jeff Landry (R-LA) signed the mandate into law on Wednesday.The Ten Commandments law is likely to see prompt legal challenges. However, Gov. Landry last Saturday was unphased by the prospect of litigation. “I’m going home to sign a bill that places the Ten Commandments in public classrooms,” he said during a fundraiser over the weekend. Landry added: “And I can’t wait to be sued.” Louisiana Mandates 10 Commandments for Every School Classroom.







  • Now, Democrats have, in the past sixteen years or so, gone all in on the idea that the physical and biological differences between males and females are irrelevant to what someone ‘identifies” as, yet, as Kennedy so succinctly explains, the moment you let a male play on a women’s sport’s team just because he “identifies” as a woman, he’s got a built-in advantage, and will steal opportunities from his female counterparts. Will Democrats ever admit this? Sen. Kennedy Explains Why Men Shouldn’t Play Women’s Sports in a Way Even Dems Can Understand


  • Former Project Veritas founder and founder of the new O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), James O’Keefe, released undercover footage on Thursday showing a Disney executive saying that Disney hires based on race, essentially that the company won’t hire or promote you if you’re white — specifically a white male. The subject recorded undercover is “Senior Vice President and Team Lead” for “20th Television – The Walt Disney Company,” Michael Giordano. The OMG video sho Disney VP in Undercover Video: ‘There’s No Way We’re Hiring a White Male’


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