Nationalism, Patriotism, Pride in Culture: These are The Hallmarks Of Successful Countries

Iceland is a tiny country…375,000 people! But it is about 40,000 square miles, so they have plenty of land, and a significant 1st World economy, so why can’t they handle lots of Venezuelans, and for that matter, Syrians and Pakistanis and Malaysians and…

Who do they think they are?

Iceland Reverses Course Freezes Out Rush of Venezuelan Migrants

The turnaround marks a major departure from recent policy that allowed Venezuelans near unquestioned asylum in Iceland. And the shift has been months in the making. Earlier this year, for example, the Immigration Appeals Board upheld several decisions by the Directorate of Immigration which ruled against asylum filings involving Venezuelans.

Advocates for Venezuelans, though, are protesting the country’s turn against them, arguing that conditions in Venezuela are no better now than they were a year ago, so the reversal of support by Iceland’s government is problematic.

But the number of Venezuelans trying to emigrate to Iceland has also exploded. In 2018, there were 14 such immigrants. But by 2022, that number had climbed for more than 1,200, Iceland Review added.

Human rights advocates, including Icelandic Red Cross, Amnesty International, and UNICEF, have stood in opposition to the change in the laws.

Maybe they just want to avoid this sort of stuff….
Migrant Charged With Raping 13-Year-Old Confesses He Recorded The Assault

Or this sort of stuff…
Berlin Police Chief: Young Foreign Males Behind Violent Crime Wave

Or maybe it’s none of our damned business, and Iceland has every right to run their country as they see fit. If they want to be drowned in a sea of immigrants who will change the character of their country…or keep those immigrants out and retain the unique Icelandic culture…it is entirely up to them.

That’s called Nationalism, and it is not a dirty word. In fact it is a wonderful word when paired with Patriotism, which is also not a dirty word.

But those two words are in direct and unmanageable opposition to the goals of the organizations that are critical of Iceland’s decision. They are globalists, and their interests are antithetical to the concept of the nation-state, and explicitly reject the uniqueness of those states. Their ultimate goal is the complete erasure of borders, and the creation of a global village, in which economic success of one area is immediately subsumed by the relative failure of others. So Iceland would support the failed state of Venezuela by subsidizing their population, via direct payment such as through the various AGW schemes, or accepting refugees and paying for their lives within the porous borders of Iceland.

Actually…it would be both. And what that would mean for the people of Iceland is a radical reduction in their standard of living, both economic and social.

But what would they get for that?


And that is the crux of the issue. There is no benefit to wealthy 1st World countries, and eventually their citizens will push back, just as Iceland has.

Hopefully it isn’t too late for America!