The Morning Rant


I had an interesting conversation with a bunch of like-minded conservatives last month, and articulated something that in retrospect is obvious, but difficult to accept.

Islam is winning.

It has a coherent (to them) political philosophy, there is very little internal dissension, the vast majority of its adherents are supportive of its most savage and world-destroying goals, and they have successfully co-opted the natural antipathy of the West toward them and turned it on its head.

There are short-sighted economic reasons for the West to allow the immigrant invasions, but the grand scheme has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with the progressive drive to destroy traditional Western culture and replace it with…anything else. Islam, their allies of convenience, is happy to be of assistance, because they are confident that they will have the upper hand if the West falls to the globalist left.

And they will.

The only saving grace for the supporters of traditional Western philosophy and culture is that our enemies have coalesced into one. There is very little daylight between the progressives and Islam, so if we choose to fight, we will have an easier time of it.

But of course the conservative movement is mired in the last war. You know…the polite one where Ronald Reagan could have lunch with Tip O’Neill. Of course Tip went back to congress and f*cked Reagan, but it is certainly a romantic and warming story!

Here is N.S. Lyons with a fine essay about the failings of those fine, traditional, buttoned-up conservatives. Read the whole thing!

Cast Away Illusions and Prepare for Struggle

…for decades old guard conservatives have for the most part completely failed to conserve anything, institutions of the republic included, no matter how frequently they’ve bandied about the Constitution and appealed to American exceptionalism; it will avail us nothing to continue in the same vein.

We need a radical re-imagining of the tactics and strategy of American politics if we are to prevail. There are indications that some of the MAGA-curious politicians are embracing the left’s techniques, but until it becomes the default, the conservative movement in America will continue to struggle.

And, sadly, that won’t be enough.

The Constitution was a very fine document, successfully codifying the unique character of the young Anglo-American nation. Many of us dearly hope it can yet be restored and re-enforced, in spirit and law. But the time for conservatives’ hubristic habit of quibbling over American exceptionalism or the precise meaning of America’s founding has well and truly passed. Now is the time to cast away illusions and prepare for struggle.

As much as we love the ideal America, it seems to be receding into the past, replaced by a post-modern hellscape of two-tiered justice, blending of government and leftist social organizations, Stalinist control of the media, and a host of other failures to adhere to our founding document.

The Constitution may well have outlived its usefulness.

The burning question is: What will replace it?

The Koran? The Frankfurt School?

Or a reimagined governing document that returns to the foundational concepts of freedom, liberty, self-determination? But it must have teeth, and it will most probably be forged in blood.

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  1. Prayers for your health.

    Why do all good ones get cancer or are taken from us too soon ??? (You, Other members of your team, Bongino, Breitbart, etc)

    Thanks for all you do and will do.

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