The Morning Rant


For many years, Israel’s preferred tactic was the rigorously controlled surgical strike. One missile into the third window from the northwest corner, seventh floor, after warning the entire building to get out. Sure…it worked after a fashion, but the Islamists continued to build their terror infrastructure; continued to build up weapons stores in preschools and hospitals; continued to preach their 1,400 year old message of hate, and consolidated their grip on a willing populace.

But the scale and brutality of the October 7th Pogrom changed the paradigm within Israel. Ignoring the hard left, with their insatiable desire for power over all else (including the survival of the state!), most Israelis are convinced that Hamas must be reduced to almost nothing, and the hyper-militarization of Gaza must end. And if that requires a low-intensity war for many months, and then regular operations to keep Hamas wallowing in the mud…then so be it.

Israel Orders Palestinians to Flee Khan Younis, Signaling Likely New South Gaza Assault

IDF Discovers, Destroys Large Tunnel Under Central Gaza

Dozens of terrorists killed as IDF keeps pressure up throughout Gaza

Of course the usual suspects are frothing at the mouth with their incessant condemnations of everything Israel does in its defense, but as Israel methodically pounds Hamas, each event elicits a smaller reaction from the media and the professional Israel/Jew haters. And the arrant stupidity of a compliant world media accepting unquestioningly the ridiculous claims from the terrorists themselves about tens of thousands of innocents killed — mostly women and children of course — has been exposed.

Has the world become less enamored of their brave freedom fighters hiding behind toddlers in the tunnels under Gaza? No, but it grows tired of the constant battering from obviously nonsensical claims. This does not mean that Israel can relax its vigilance…there has been no sea change…it is simply exhaustion. They will eventually regroup and re-energize their battalions of useful idiots, and the marches and protests and attacks on Jews around the world will continue. But Hamas is being degraded as a military (with apologies to real soldiers) force and as the power in Gaza. And that is the goal.

What comes next should be of less importance to Israel. The Arab world is welcome to rebuild Gaza and make it Singapore-On-The Mediterranean. Or at least spout nonsensical platitudes about it while doing very little. But it isn’t Israel’s problem. No…Israel’s problem is terrorists crossing its borders and killing its citizens. And they are dealing with that issue quite effectively.

But the larger issue of Hezbollah, and then the core issue: Iran, remains unresolved. With a Democrat in the White House, the threat of a regional war, complete with nuclear weapons, grows day by day. Realistically, Israel will have to go it alone against Iran and its proxies, and if the Biden/Obama junta allows an Iranian nuclear weapon, then the world is going to become a much more dangerous place for a short while.

A Trump presidency would immediately calm the waters. It is well known that he is not an Iranophile, and that he understands Iran’s place in the hierarchy of global destabilization.

So…vote Donald Trump…For World Peace!

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