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The shocking stupidity of some of our national representatives is a disgrace, but it is also representative of a general trend among those who seek public service. Gone are the days when we could count on a minimum level of intelligence (still a very low bar) among our so-called elites. They are groomed by academia and the government/NGO complex to be compliant drones, spouting the current talking points and unable to synthesize information beyond what is on the menu in the congressional dining room. These are poorly educated people who have thrust themselves willingly into a bubble, where independent thought is ruthlessly suppressed, and their world view is carefully tailored to fit into the post-modern orthodoxy that the West is evil, all revolutionary movements are pristine, and the various pressure groups created by their politics of division are embraced as fellow travelers. Never mind that it is absolutely insane and completely counter to the basic, well-known facts.

Cori Bush Campaign Duped By “Chief Rabbi of Gaza” Parody Account

Democratic Socialist House Rep. Cori Bush has been fooled by a parody account claiming to be the “Chief Rabbi of Gaza” – as if such a position could possibly exist in a pseudo-state whose ruling terrorists openly call for Jewish genocide.

The X account under the name Rabbi Linda Goldstein regularly uploads anti-Israel posts to dupe pro-Palestinian progressives. Claiming to “stand with Iran” next to its support for transgender rights, the account features thousands of satire posts including one claim that Hamas built its 300-mile tunnel network to aid social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

More recently, the account connected with the engagement director for Rep. Bush, who is renowned for her pro-Palestinian and anti-American viewpoints.

Is this a new record for stupidity? 1,500 millikohns…at least!

The obvious discordance between the virulence and totality of Hamas Jew-hate and the laughable idea that Gaza has a Rabbi is apparently a trivial logical barrier for the estimable Cori Bush. She has entered the Pantheon of Congressional Stupidity, and that is no mean feat, considering that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Hank Johnson (Guam might tip over!), and other heavy hitters are in that fine group.

The reality of course is that there is no thought at all…the only measure is the degree of anti-American, anti-Western, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic sentiment. All other considerations are unimportant, and in fact nonexistent.

But what is it about public service that attracts the stupidest, most jingoistic fanatics among us? The minimum requirements of education are laughable. Degrees in Lesbian Studies and Sociology and other post-modern nonsense degrees that require almost no effort are perfectly acceptable…even valued! And there is the undeniable allure of an easy and pressureless career. Let’s face it; nobody works very hard in the corridors of power. Failing up is the norm, and as long as one is politically reliable, the future is bright! And let us not forget the bounty of graft and grift. Add into that the opportunity for insider trading (legal for our representatives…very, very, illegal for the rest of us), and it is a financially rewarding career.

Politics is now selecting the dumbest among us…the people who buy into the drumbeat of victimhood that has overwhelmed our college campuses and our inner cities. These are the people who reject 3,000 years of intellectual development; the stuff that has led to the incredible human advances of the last 500 years. So don’t be surprised when we get more of this sort of idiocy.

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