Cut Jib Newsletter Speaks! Series 3 Episode 12

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
Cut Jib Newsletter Speaks! Series 3 Episode 12

CBD and J.J. discuss, Taxation and the destruction of freedom, the Tranhueser-Busch affair, Gavin Newsom turns the Golden State into a dystopian nightmare of crime, green energy madness and onerous taxation with an eye to bringing that to the White House in ’24, Chicago and the decriminalizing of crime, and much more!

4 comments to “Cut Jib Newsletter Speaks! Series 3 Episode 12”
  1. Great show as always, gize…

    Imma disagree with CBD on Anheuser Busch. The clowns who did the stupid are not out of touch. They are completely in touch with that circle of society which believes the tranny horseshit. They can’t believe Nixon won because nobody they know voted for him.

    Also, the “Germans return to coal” thing is doubly funny. Yes they have a lot of it but it’s shit. Lignite, which is about a third “other crap”, is the dirtiest coal out there. They’d kill for a good seam of West Virginia or Wind River Wyoming anthracite.

    I grant you 3 of these —>🥚🥚🥚for the New Order bumper intro.

    Namaste, mes amis.

  2. Fun as always
    Gruesome is my bet to be installed as the Democrats nomination and so will win with the backing of vote fraud to the WH

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