CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Episode 14

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Episode 14

Sefton and CBD are joined by author and pundit Michael Walsh. We discuss his new article: “The Specter That Haunts America,” DeSantis/Who ’24?, Eject the geriatrics, Iran, Israel and ancient enmities, Putin cures COVID, and War on the Great Reset.

12 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Episode 14”
  1. Wonderful one hour and I thank you! Always love cruising over to Ace to catch JJ and CBD, and have followed ‘Mr. Kahane’ for over a decade. It’s like I am reading my brother Kenny – perfect snark-n-rant!

    I love DeSantis, but I wonder how he will be ‘controlled’ by the donor class at the national level. I don’t wonder about that with Trump as the donor’s are against him.

    Respectfully, thanks for allowing comments, and have a wonderful day, brothers!

  2. Awesome podcast, as usual. Michael Walsh certainly livened things up! And provided plenty of food for thought. Great addition to the Dynamic Duo of JJ and CBD.

    Still chewing on the Tulsi addition to the 2024 ticket. I would like to see some proof that she won’t go WEF on us once in power.

    You guys are certainly getting better with each new podcast. Keep up the good work!

  3. You’ll have to elect her to find out!

    I think Michael Walsh sees her as an electoral win rather than a philosophical compatriot, although compared to some in the Republican party she is at the very least a friend of America.

    Thanks for the kind words…

  4. Late to the party. Great talk between you three. Maybe more guests?

    We have to elect Tulsi to find out about her? I saw what you did there CBD 😉

    I do have my reservations. To many times we have been taken in by someone saying the right words only to see them do the complete opposite once elected.

    Just my $3 (adjusted for inflation)

  5. What CBD said about Tulsi. It would be nice if we actually had a female version of DeSantis to run. Considering that it was Democrats like Manchin and Sinema that stopped the multi trillion dollar nail in the coffin and that scum like Romney Collins and Murkowski are worse than useless, it’s worthy of at least mulling Tulsi over. Yes, her prior record on issues is of course the deal killer. But who says she can’t change?

    In this day and age post 2020, all bets are off and almost anything goes. Almost.

  6. Great podcast! That hour went by fast. The hosts were very good, and I really enjoyed hearing Walsh. I got an MA in critical theory, and after I graduated I thought…what the heck was that? Then I learned on line about the Frankfurt School and where the theory came from and I’ve been studying it and writing about it since. I’m talking about Walsh’s book, The Devils Pleasure Palace, now on my site, since it was so influential to me. Really looking forward to the new book of essays. So, so needed!

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