CutJibnewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 1

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibnewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 1

CBD and J.J. Sefton can think of no better way to kick off Pride Month than with our extra special guest, author and commentator extraordinaire Col. Kurt Schlichter, who discusses the national divide and what’s to be done, the situation in Ukraine and what we need to do to take back the country.

13 comments to “CutJibnewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 1”
  1. Perhaps the liveliest podcast yet. Enjoyed every minute as it was packed with essential tactical and strategic truths for all those who truly love their country.

    Great job, guys!

  2. Schlichter is a hoot…perceptive, has an excellent take on many things, and can back up his opinions.

  3. Wonderful to hear Schlichter.

    My dad was in the Army Reserve after Korea. He said the main thing he learned was that you could go around — and goof off — as long as you carried a clipboard.

    I wonder what today’s equivalent to that is. Notebook computer?

  4. @ Week GeeK

    “I wonder what today’s equivalent to that is. Notebook computer?”

    Fishnets, red stiletto heels and kiddie porn.

  5. No more Apple? I listened to 3/4 of Season 2 Episode 1 before realizing it was dated haha.

  6. Great episode, BTW. Completely agree that politicians are fungible. And I’m definitely stealing Schlichter’s quote that Pence was the cutting edge of 2005 haha.

  7. Kurt Schlichter is the Sean Hannity of Augusto Pinochet of Victor Davis Hansons,

    /I keed, I keed — always entertaining, per usual, gents — thanks!

    One topic I would have like to have heard Col. Schlichter’s opinion on, since he still things we can gain civil power (especially at the feral level), is the rampant on-our-face overt election fraud. [Ah, J.J. did make a quick reference to it in his closing remarks, but alas … the curtain fell.]

    — ShainS (especially butt-hurt) in Arizona.

  8. Schlichter is the best commentator I’ve ever heard. Period. Fearless, honest, to the point. No ‘softening’ of his message…he GETS IT that this whole mess is a result of leftist obsession with ideology and power. They live, eat, and breathe politics. Conservatives, as he says, live their lives by the “rules”…work hard, love your family, have faith…but when the left does monstrous things, complain that ‘that’s against the rules!!”.

    I would love to hear his take on how the left drives language. Wanting government to simply enforce immigration law, “you’re anti-immigrant”. “Gender affirming care” should be “Groomer affirming crimes against children”. “You’re intolerant!” Oh, I’m tolerant, but you don’t seek tolerance, you seeK acceptance…there’s a difference. Butchering children to “change their gender” has nothing to do with gender, it has to do with sex. There are two sexes. Period.

  9. It’s always refreshing to hear unfiltered Schlichter, as opposed to his more genteel (and FCC-compliant) persona when he guest-hosts the Hugh Hewitt Show. Kurt has seen the results of civil war in Kosovo, so unlike many on the right who are eager for things to get spicy, he’s willing to go a very long way to avoid violence.

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