CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 3

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 3

Joe Mannix joins CBD and J.J. Sefton to discuss: The Hunter Biden wrist slap and the in-your-face tyranny it illustrates, Secretary of State Blinken’s prostitutes his prostate before Xi Jinping, Deeper meaning to the Titanic tourist sub disaster, Woke burnout among normal America, and more!!

7 comments to “CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 3”
  1. With the release of a major Biden story of CBS. things have changed. The left has decided Joe has to go, so the press is greasing the skids. Biden will be impeached and removed from office, or he’ll leave for medical reasons. No way he makes it to January 2024.

  2. I think it’s a medical. That is they will tell him to resign now or else get 25th Amendment-ed. BUT. . . no one wants Kamala. And Joey’s ego will not allow him to step aside.

    They are in a bit of a pickle. Too bad we don’t have a party to take advantage of it and more crucially a functioning impartial law enforcement agency to deal with the crimes.

  3. CBD and Joe are balls on correct on abortion. Take the wins, stfu, and refuse to make it national.

  4. “CBD and Joe are balls on correct on abortion. Take the wins, stfu, and refuse to make it national.”

    I don’t disagree with them in principle, BUT it presupposes that the Left will not take abortion national. And they will regardless of what we do.

    So what we should do, and what we should have been doing all along is wresting control of the narrative and changing it from “Why are you taking away our freedom of choice?’ to us demanding of them “At what point will you admit that what you are doing is killing a baby?” Something like that.

    Or at the very least demanding that they come to the table to compromise and put the issue to bed for good. Answer is they never will do that. And if we can call them out on that it’s an even bigger win.

    But yes, no excuses for saboteurs like Lindsay Graham. But that’s no excuse to not be prepared to fight the rhetorical battle.

  5. “Answer is they never will do that.”

    Viva la Revolucion!

    They will never take yes for an answer, because that presupposes an acceptable end state. Revolutions that are won result in loss of power.

    Classical Marxist/Maoist theory

  6. Great episode. Take the wins that the Supremes have provided, and on abortion particularly, keep a low profile rather than setting a high one. But – be prepared with strong counterpunches to the Democrats’ demagoguery of these issues. No gloating or handing the left talking points, but on the other hand, no apologizing or temporizing when challenged by the media or in debates.

    Is this too much to ask of the Republican party? Yeah, probably.

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