CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 5

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletter Speaks: Season 4, Episode 5

Author, historian and columnist ROBERT SPENCER joins CBD and J.J. for a fascinating hour discussing the Islamo/Leftist violence tearing France apart and perhaps leading to that nation’s actual downfall, the crucial SCOTUS victories that have staved off totalitarianism here at home, and much more!

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  1. Jean Raspail’s 1970s novel, “The Camp of the Saints,” was prescient, not so much about the source and impetus of the Third World invasion of Europe, as about the crazy, almost voluptuous masochism of the Europeans and of Western Christendom.

    Well worth the read, albeit grim. He was of course excoriated for writing it, but he was painfully accurate about Europe’s civilizational suicide.

  2. I have to add that in Alexander solzhenitson’s famous Templeton lecture at Harvard in the 1980s, he told the students that “Purely and simply, everything that happened to us [in Soviet Russia] happened because men had forgotten God.”

    He said that several times.

  3. They used to call Beirut the Paris of the East. Now Paris is becoming the Beirut of the West. Lebanon is not exactly an ideal future for France or Germany and England or Belgium. A professor I know once blamed Bush for the influx of 3rd world people. She could not blame Obama, Biden or Merkel, because they are liberals. She favored multiculturalism but with minorities that were so small they would never threaten her comfortable lifestyle. People try to look the other way. See no evil, know no evil. In the USA the democrats are the most enthusiastic about 3rd world assimilation of America, and the charitable organizations and churches that benefit from funding for resettlement, also favor Islamization. They may someday realize what they have done and regret it, but it will be too late.

  4. I have followed Robert Spencer for nearly 20 years. I can’t recall any prediction he made not coming true.

  5. All probably all a too little too late for most of Europe
    Keep saying Camp of the Saints missed the more obvious target.

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