CutJibNewsletterSpeaks: Episode 11

CutJibNewsletter Speaks!
CutJibNewsletterSpeaks: Episode 11

Canada: Again! Ukraine: Again! Marx & “Jiggling the Variables,” Climate Change, “Die, Olympics, Die!” Covid Karen Comeuppance. Plus a new voice…Jay Guevara!

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  1. You know, my main issue with the entire global warming nonsense is it demands that I be both coldly ‘scientific’ in thinking as well as highly moralistic and deeply religiously reverent, simultaneously.

    There are two schools of thought, strictly speaking, and I imagine that I differ from Jay G, in the school I ascribe to.

    One school: Cold Science

    In this school of thought, the universe, as we know it, came into being through a series of cosmic happenstances, life entered through a series of scientific happenstances, and humanity is largely just the conflagration of happenstances + billions of years = this particular species at this particular time.

    If this is the ardent belief of a true scientist, then humanity is not special, it’s just the latest iteration of life. It’s survival in its current format is largely irrelevant, and a changing environment would simply be the impetus for the next format of life that comes after humanity as it evolves to adapt to the environment.

    If this is the case, there is no reason for anything, and worry is simply a farcical human condition unique to the species that will be eclipsed as time goes on and life evolves. Therefor, altering behavior is pointless, as there is no particular value in preserving this particular segment of the timeline.

    School Two: Mankind is unique, created with purpose by a higher power , the same power that had the ability to create all matter from nothingness and oversees and regulates all things.

    In this school of thought, mankind is all important, as all sentient humans are valued by their creator and must be propagated and protected at all costs through a strictly held set of principals and expectations, a divine law and will.

    In such a school of thought, it would be highly important to respect all creation and act as proper stewards of creation as presented in a unique balance by a creator.

    But what I’m being asked to believe by greenies is that I must both believe in the science as my baseline understanding of humanity (which is meaningless) and yet hold a deeply religious conviction that the current status of the planet and life as we know it as sacrosanct.

    What I’m being asked to do is believe in the Science god, a new man-made god, that both cares nothing for the sanctity of life when it comes to aborting babies or terminating the elderly, that demands no check on human perversion, and yet simultaneously declares the temperature of the planet and it’s natural state to be the highest order of importance.

    It’s pseudo-intellectualism that is farcical on its face. Does the new Science god want me to believe in an objective sense of right and wrong dictated from above, or does it demand that I be coldly analytical and believe it’s all symbolic of nothing, just chugging along in the cosmic order without meaning? Because it can’t have both.

  2. Great one, guys! I just listened to it today (02/22/22). The last fifteen minutes or so when you were talking about Ukraine was particularly interesting in light of the fact that Putin *did* make an incursion into the Ukraine starting today. Other than that, I think you guys had some excellent points.

  3. He made the incursion but are we really going to war over this? Doubt it. That said, the manifestly irresponsible clods running the show in DC are now capable of doing anything – even war with nuclear armed Russia – to distract from the disaster here at home.

  4. Very nice, gentlemen. I think Professor Guevara should post his calculations regarding bacteria on a billiard ball (with full commentary) to help the rest of us who have trouble sleeping.

    JJ, love the bumper music!

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