No, They’re Not the Stupid Party.


“…You’re neither sold, nor betrayed, nor given up.  Come to me with confidence.”

Y’know, I have to laugh. Today, Bob Corker is lamenting the fact that the there won’t be enough votes to stop the Iran deal. Now, flash back to just before the summer when these negotiations were announced. Under Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution:

[The President} shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur

No matter what Obama called it – executive agreement, bi-lateral arrangement, mutual understanding, Fred the Wonder Duck – no matter how he sold it, spun it and presented it, it made absolutely ZERO difference. It was in fact a treaty. All that Mitch McConnell had to do was state this, take the vote and the thing would have been dead right then and there (Obama’s pen and phone notwithstanding).  But no!  By crafting some cockamamie deal called Corker-Menendez, the GOP, who was in the driver’s seat all the way, turned the treaty clause on its head and illegally gave Obama the power to make treaties all by himself. Now, it’s the GOP that needs to muster the votes to overcome Obama. And, as stated above, more than likely is not going to happen.

Now, at first glance, this is not only stupid but insane and illegal. But, as is evidenced by what we have witnessed since John Boehner became speaker in 2010 and McConnell the Senate majority leader in 2014, this is all very intentional.  Looking at this deal alone, with the lifting of sanctions against the Iranian regime, billions of dollars in contracts will be freed up and American businesses, no doubt led by the Chamber of Commerce, are going to want in on all the goodies.  So what if some homosexuals get tossed off of roofs or some Jews get blown to pieces; hey, eggs and omelets, baby. But let’s go back a few years, shall we?

Now, when McConnell ran for re-election last year, he swore up and down that his number one priority if reelected was the repeal of every word of Obamacare. And then almost immediately after he won reelection, as Ted Cruz would say, he lied. He lied about the Export Import Bank, the multiple debt ceiling fiascos, and so on and so on, and scooby dooby dooby.

Meanwhile, at the other chamber of horrors, despite also repeatedly swearing up and down, day in and day out since the massive 2010 midterms, within hours of Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012, Boehner made this inspiring statement of defiance:


Well, I think the election changes that.  It’s pretty clear that the president was reelected, Obamacare is the law of the land.

Boehner then set about knee-capping, purging or otherwise corrupting every Tea Party conservative candidate that was sent to Congress to stop the madness.

All through those past election cycles, I got angry at people who would say that they were going to sit out the election if an establishment candidate got the nod. Their explanation was that there was no difference between the two parties. And in 2012, I dutifully put the figurative clothespin on my nose and voted for Mitt.  But in the wake of all the stupid moves, the fecklessness, the weakness and the verbal attacks on the GOP’s own base , I suddenly got it. The GOP as it exists today is, if not an appendage of the Democrat party, is certainly a beneficiary of its totalitarian, big government, all-powerful statist ethos.  Why does the GOP like big government? Because that’s where the money is.

When the government nationalizes the healthcare industry and the banking sector, you can bet your sweet ass that big pharma, big insurance and Wall Street are going to fall all over themselves to get in the regime’s good graces. A) it buys them a measure of security if they tow the party line and B) allows them to crush their smaller competitors. I believe there’s a word for it – fascism.  Or, as Mark Levin so succinctly puts it, crony-capitalism.  

This is why the base of the GOP is not hardworking, decent individual Americans. It’s giant corporations who are in bed with government, on a mission to engulf and devour everyone and everything in their path to total control of the economy and your individual freedom.  And this is why, at least as of this writing, Donald Trump is having the effect he is. Whatever one thinks of him personally or of his motives, he has tapped into the righteous anger and outrage of where our nation is headed. Think of it this way, you can criticize Trump for perhaps conveniently moving to the right.  But look at the reaction of the GOP establishment candidates; they are all moving LEFT.


Y’know, if McConnell really wanted to stop Obama, he could declare the UN treaty  null and void because he went around the Senate and in the wake of the revelations about all the side deals which were intentionally withheld unconstitutionally per Article 2, hold a roll call vote in the Senate and declare the treaty dead right there.

Will he do this?  Yeah, thought so.

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  1. Sefton,

    Good post; It dovetails with something I was getting ready to write but got to lazy, namely that if you try to defeat the monster by mimicking it all you do is supplant it.
    It’s why I don’t care much for the idea that the new media had to out-sensationalize the MSM. Even if we “win” all we’ll do is create a media complex that sensationalizes things we find cool. We won’t have actually changed the media.
    The GOP is much the same thing. They tried to beat the Dems using the democrat playbook, so rather than destroying the levers of power, they just became another group trying to control them.

  2. DIAF GOP. Even before they took the senate the house alone could have avoided making things worse just by sitting on their hands and doing nothing. We have to be adults about this they said, as they raised the debt ceiling time and time again.

  3. J.J. is right.

    They’re not the stupid party. We’re the dumb skirt that believes her husband when he says he’s changed.

    And then gets four across the lips when he comes home sauced up.


    They were never the RINOs. I was. All the information was there, but I kept buying the promise that THIS time, it’ll be different.

    Conservatism no longer has a party, if indeed it ever did. Looking back on the presidents, Reagan was the anomaly, not the norm.

    I have no hope for a happy ending regardless of whether the GOP nominee wins, even if we get a filibuster proof Senate majority. Government will continue to grow, Mexicans and Central Americans will still stream into the country in their millions, and the Free Shit Army will have their Free Shit.

    Not that they could overcome the demographic swing, but I at least want to see a true opposition party that pledges to work for smaller government and secure borders, EVEN IF THEY FAIL. You don’t have to pull off a miracle – you just have to do the job we hired you to do?

    Is that so much to ask? Do your job? According to the GOP, yes. Shut the fuck up and vote for us. Or the Democrats win. Well, that argument doesn’t work on me anymore, especially when there isn’t a lick of difference between you.

    Fuck you, I will not comply.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re never on AOSHQ so you missed the announcement!

    Anyway, welcome aboard. You’re a quality asset and your jib has a nice cut as well (in a non-threatening, non-sexual way).

  5. Just remember the famous NY Post headline, JJ: “Ike Beats Tina to Death!”

    My second-fave headline of all time….

    As for the meat of your post — it’s excellent, BTW — I worry that the only solutions to the problems caused by Boehner, McConnell and their rugrats in Congress may not be electoral, but something else quite different and unpleasant. The general public (and I guess that includes us) has not insisted that Congress and the president play by the same rules that affect us. They can make up the game as they go along, with no fear of negative reaction. The eternal Free Pass also insulates them from the consequences of their actions that the rest of us face.

    That makes it easy for them to operate at the whim of those (the only people they come into regular contact with, BTW) who pick up their bar tabs and keep them supplied with political consultants and post-public-office no-effort jobs.

    I could go on and on — and my thoughts on Congress and the Preezy segue neatly into a “Why I Am Not a True Conservative” rant — but why bore all y’all even more?

  6. Let’s face the facts: the DNC/MSM/GOPe/beauracracy cabal is doing what they’re doing with OUR money. Specifically, our tax dollars.
    Look at the top income zip codes….a bunch of them are in the DC area. Our tax dollars at work indeed.

  7. Except, the one of the problems is that we (the GOPe and us, not me an you EoJ) disagree on what their “job” is.
    The GOPe thinks it’s getting and staying elected. We think it’s to represent conservative principles.

    They are doing their job (sadly.)
    As Milton Friedman said (paraphrasing from memory here) “You can’t elect better people you have to change the incentives to make the bad people do the right thing.”
    Now I don’t quote know how to change the incentives to do that, but clearly a cushy $160k job (approx. congressional salary) that only works 15 weeks out of the year and comes with a golden parachute that would make a tech CEO jealous (i.e. lobbying) is the wrong incentives for smaller government.
    At least the democrats got it easy, their job or representing their constituents aligns with staying elected. That is to say both involve giving out more free shit.

  8. Is it a fool’s hope to pray that this is more due to blackmail than to deliberate philosophy from the so-called Repubs?

    I really want to believe they aren’t all blatant liars and shills that are more than content to let the traitor in the White House continue his agenda, but more and more it seems a case of willingness to go along.

    Thanks for posting (and nice site)

  9. Perfect example of evaluating people and their motives based on what they do and not what they say. Both of my NC senators and myrepresentative fell immediately into the “e” camp. Send letters and emails touting their conservative accomplishments and vote with or for the Dems every. Single. Time.

    Another great post JJ. All of you, keep up the good work.

  10. Good site! I like the way you think! Keep up the excellent writing—easy to read and concise. Thanks!

  11. when it comes to the gop, they can #GOPhuckThemselves. There have been plenty of opportunities for them to reverse the destructive course the libs have put us on…..they could have shut the gov’t down TWICE as a negotiation tool but they were too afraid of optics….so they say….it’s pretty clear they are for all the shit the scoamf(t) is for….

    great post jj…..hello eoj….

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