It’s Time To Have A National Dialogue On The Drinking Age….For Women

drunk co-edThe campus rape statistics are shocking…if we are to believe the feminist press. For the purpose of this discussion let us stipulate that there is a national epidemic of rape at colleges and universities across the country, and the current legal and societal forces are incapable of stemming the tide.

As far as I can tell, fraternities stock date rape drugs, also known as beer, wine and hard liquor, and push them on unsuspecting college women. When the women are inebriated, the college men who, by the way, are also drunk, have their way with the defenseless women. Or possibly the other way around….

Currently there is no way for college women to avoid these situations, because it is extremely easy for the college men, henceforth known as the “rapists,” to procure alcohol. And of course these women have no means to resist these drugs, because they are all special little snowflakes who have been taught that what they want will always…ALWAYS…magically appear. And anything irritating or unpleasant is whisked away immediately by mom and dad and Consuela the maid.

Clearly the only answer is to protect them with the force of law. Ignore the fact that possession of alcohol by a minor is already illegal in every single state. Forget that providing alcohol to a minor is illegal in every single state. We must raise the drinking age for women to 25, when 95% are out of college and back home, living in their parents’ homes again.

In addition to raising the drinking age for women, I believe that a three day waiting period for purchases of alcohol is also in order. And of course a license to purchase might be a good idea. These are commonsense changes…who could argue with them?

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  1. Colleges are looking for anyone to blame that’s not them and not the culture on college campuses (which they have control over.)

    My freshman year I lived on campus, moved off the following year (would have sooner but the bills were already paid.)
    I knew two people who tried to be an RA the following year. One was a fairly straight laced friend of mine. Not stuffy, but not a fan of binge drinking either.
    The other was a well known lush on the floor.
    ResLife choose the lush. It dawned on us later that all the RAs really enjoyed their booze, it’s how the college kept down their drinking punishment numbers, they got RA’s who looked the other way while people fell down flights of stairs.

  2. It strikes me that nothing has changed since I was in college, lo, those many decades ago. Well, except for the ability/encouragement of women to Go Public and claim they were Violated! whether true or otherwise.

    Unfortunate, really. For each Mattress Girl or unnamed underage “victim” who Bravely Speaks Out and, in doing so, destroys a man’s life and potential livelihood, there may be someone who truly was forced into a sexual situation without her consent.

    Absent a massive outbreak of common sense on both sides — can we hope for the Easter Bunny, too? — CBD’s solution is probably best, though perhaps we should simply ban all interaction between the two sexes until, say, age 30.

    Shall we limit use of automobiles as well? They hurt people….

  3. Second look at Prohibition?

    Nah, we already did that.

    Seems like we’re in Leftard Problem Solving Mode, so obviously we need to find the inanimate objects responsible for dames getting tipsy and ban those objects.

    Look at that drunken skirt in the picture. Now look at the coffee table. If we banned bottles and cups, that never would have happened. Although, if she were enterprising, she could rinse out a Chinese food take-out box and drink from that.

    Hmm. This Leftard Decision Tree has led me down to the last box in the chart, and it says BAN ALL CONTAINERS.

    Seems like that would solve the rape crisis. Who’s in?

  4. The best interim solution will be to decrease the six-pack size to no more than four beers, and shrink the kegs as well.

    What possible need does anyone have for six beers?

  5. “Victim Blaming!”

    I love that when my friend gets mugged coming out of a bar in an area known for muggings at 3AM, I can say “seriously dude, why the fuck where you in that area of town at 3AM?”
    But in these cases that’s taboo.
    Here’s what I plan on telling my daughter: “Listen honey, evil is real, and it’s just waiting for an opportunity to harm you. Avoid putting yourself in situations that put evil in control.”

    Why, suddenly, do we have to ignore the presence of evil. (Heck and this particular assessment is very grim towards college males, most of whom are also just drunk and making bad decisions as well, not being malicious. But being cautious towards the malicious and avoiding the stupid have overlapping advice here.)

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