I Want YOU (To Tell Me If This Is Hate Speech)


So, you nick round to the local pub for a pint and when you excuse yourself to go to the john to “have a gypsy’s” you come face to face with this; what at first seems like an iconic shot of Lord Kitchener on the public message board is in fact pure unwashed, unreconstructed bigotry. Wow! Shocking! At least that’s how the British outlet The Express is reporting it:

Sick Kitchener hate sign found in Wetherspoons tells Muslims ‘get the f*** out’ of Britain

A HORRIFIED Wetherspoon punter discovered a sick sign telling Muslims to ‘get the f*** out of our country’ as he dined with his Muslim colleague.

Well that was an amateurishly long, repetitious header and subheadline. These guys can take a lesson from the geniuses at the New York Post. Anyway, here’s how ace reporter Helen Barnet told the story:

…A shocked regular to The Moon on the Square pub in Feltham, Middlesex, spotted the offensive sign as he went for lunch with a Muslim colleague. The 28-year-old said: “Just as we sat down inside the pub, I noticed the sign a few tables away from us…

“My friend, who is a Muslim, didn’t say anything but I could see he was highly uncomfortable.

“We only had thirty minutes for lunch, but were both so angry that we got up and left before having our sandwiches.

“I was absolutely disturbed to see this vile poster on display in my local pub, let alone in the biggest pub chain in the UK.

“It is disgraceful that J.D. Wetherspoon pubs are allowing this anti-Muslim propaganda to be displayed – I’d hate for any Muslim to think all British people are racists because of this.”

I can see how that would put you off your mushy peas, Mr. Pub-goer with Muslim friend. But for the sake of, oh I don’t know, calm sanity and reason, let’s “fisk” said vile poster line by line and get to the root cause of the problem, as it were.

“MUSLIMS” – a simple, direct call-out to a specific audience. Could go either way at this point, but let’s keep going.

“Are you unhappy with our countries?” – A direct question, neutral in tone. Okay…

“Are you offended by our culture?” – Ditto, perhaps a tad concerned even…

“Would you prefer to live under sharia law?” – Same deal…

“Then we have a simple solution for you.” – Cool with me so far, and if I were Muslim I’d be interested to hear the solution since more than likely I answered “yes” to all the above. So, okay lay it on me…

“Get the f*ck out of our countries and go back to the monstrous sh*tholes you came from” – Okay, I can see how this might be construed as “problematic.” The author gets demerits for the foul language but if the reader answered yes to the above queries, then this is a reasonable, if not emotionally-charged statement.

“You can live under Muslim rule there and enjoy it as much as you like.”Much calmer. Succinct, to the point and, dare I say, even friendly in a father-knows-best sort of way.

Now, it may seem that I’m being  a tad sarcastic but in reality, I’m not. I’m dead serious. I cannot see one scintilla of blind bigotry in that poster. It did not order ALL Muslims out or else. It asked reasonable questions that are certainly on the minds of Muslims everywhere, whether they are religious or not. And the description of the Middle East and south Asia, though crude, is accurate (poverty, war, sectarian strife, misogyny, homophobia, persecution of any and all non-Muslims).

What’s missing from the story, something that somehow is always missing in virtually everything that the legacy media publishes or broadcasts is CONTEXT. You see, for there to be context, they would have to allow the person or group that posted the sign a chance to air their views. And if they did that, then the stupid lumpenprole masses might actually hear a contradictory opinion that those smart folk at the Express think they ought not. And there goes the story; not the actual news but the story that they want to tell sell you. So Ms. Barnet pulled the phrase “Get the f*ck out of our countries,” declared it hate speech and voila! Another Les Nessman Buckeye Newshawk Award-winner, for sure.  As Peter Gallagher said in “The Player,” “Hey, slap on a happy ending and the thing writes itself!” Pardon me while I vomit.

Admittedly, there is real anger in that message and it comes through loud and clear. But that begs the question, unasked by Ms. Barnet, why might people in Britain be angry enough to put up a poster like that?


How about this? Or this? Or this? Or this?  I can “or this?” the hell out if it all the live long day, but I think you get the picture.

Unfortunately, the pub owners didn’t quite see it that way:

A spokesman for the pub chain, said: “A poster was displayed on the notice board at The Moon on the Square, by a customer at the pub, without the knowledge of the pub staff.

“As soon as this came to light, staff immediately removed the discriminatory material.

“The customer notice board, which is regularly checked and monitored by staff, has now been completely cleared of all material, whatever the content.

“The Moon on the Square is a community pub, proud of its diverse customer base, and has always been fully committed to operating in a non-discriminatory way.”

Well that’s a relief. They even cleared the board “of all material”  so that absolutely no one could take offense at anything, perish the thought (or perish the thought of the UK Thought Police shutting you down).

I was going to end this post right here except I noticed something rather curious. The poster of this bill printed the name of the group and their Facebook info across the bottom of the page. Ms. Barnet not only couldn’t be bothered to get their side of the story, she neglected to even report the name that is clearly visible on the poster. I will not link to their page because I cannot confirm whether this is in fact the group responsible for the poster.  You can search for it yourselves.  Suffice it to say that the group I did find on Facebook (there is another one that is a motorcycle club) seems not to be a “hate group” at all IMHO.

But you decide. I think you are intelligent enough to make up your own minds.

UPDATE:  Two addresses listed – www.facebook.com/texasinfidel2013 and www/facebook.com/theinfidelbrotherhood.


5 comments to “I Want YOU (To Tell Me If This Is Hate Speech)”
  1. Great post.

    We have something similar going on with the “La Raza” set in California, who think Mexicans should run the state. Hey, you know a place that’s already run by Mexicans? It would be … Mexico! How’d that work out?

    Or the Somalis (who, according to the articel, were illiterate and unemployed – thanks, ICE!) in Minneapolis who were incensed that the free food they were given might not be authentically Muslim. You know a place with truly authentic Muslim food? That would be … Somalia!

  2. I have reached a point where I simply don’t give a damn if members of the Protected Minority Groups are sad and downcast that we don’t want to throw away our country, its culture, history and money so they feel all Safe.

    We have plenty to worry about, including a President who prefers Muslims to Americans, without having to make even more sacrifices for people who really want to crap all over us.

    What makes ME “sad” is that more Brits and Americans, particularly those in positions of authority, aren’t cheering lustily when they see signs like this.

    I have lived for decades under this “inclusive” let-everyone-have-their-own-customs gobbldygook. Let the legal immigrants join the Melting Pot as their forebears did. Let the illegals and malcontents go the hell elsewhere. I owe them nothing.

  3. I tend to be fairly liberal (in the old sense) when it comes to speech.
    If someone wants to complain about the constitution (say the second amendment) and advocate changing it. That’s fine, that’s their God given right.
    If the Muslims want to agitate for (unconstitutional in the US) sharia law, eh, so be it.
    But it’s my God given right to say “that is the stupidest bunch of shit I have heard, and it’s against the principles of this country.”

    If that upsets them…so be it.

  4. The whole damn article is just such a transparent piece of PC propaganda that it just slaps you in the face. Then again, this is the British press that, along with their government, ignores stuff like Rotherham and threatens people not to talk about “no-go zones.”

    It’s encouraging to see posters like this in the UK, but that nation is all but lost. We’re maybe a decade behind them and we may still have a chance to save ourselves. But then people like Pamela Geller get banned from putting anti-sharia advertising on transit systems and blamed for having death threats and the shooting at the Draw Mohammed contest.

    G-d help us.

  5. i think it’s more “i love my country & culture & i hate that you have come here claiming to be escaping yours but in fact are actively trying to destroy mine” speech

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