The Coming Rift Among American Jews Is Long Overdue

The New York Times is reliably pro-Obama, which means they are reliably anti-Israel. Nothing new there…they have been uncomfortable with the whole “Never Again” idea for decades. How dare the Jews fight for themselves! Just line up and meekly walk into the gas chambers….

And today’s article about the tension in the American-Jewish community about the Iran fiasco is true to form. Iran Deal Opens a Vitriolic Divide Among American Jews But there was a quotation that pleased me, although not for the reasons the NY Times intended.

“We are on the verge of fratricide in the Jewish community, and it has to stop.”

If that is true, then it is overdue,and a most welcome event. Jews who support Obama and his existential threat to Israel do not deserve the moniker of “Jew,” and they certainly don’t deserve to speak for Jews in America. There is nothing disloyal about Jews supporting the Jewish state of Israel; we are Americans with deep religious, historical and cultural ties to another country. Sound familiar? That’s because many Americans have preserved their connections to their family’s origins and religions. The difference is that France and Ireland and Italy and Mexico and Germany and Poland and the Vatican are not under constant threat of annihilation from their neighbors, and there is no worldwide effort to delegitimize them. So our support for Israel is a bit more pressing.

I am disgusted by Jews like Jerrold Nadler, who use their supposed religion merely to get votes. Nadler (a representative from Manhattan) is a reliable Obama yes-man, who has come out forcefully in favor of the Iran capitulation. But the truth is that Nadler, like most of his compatriots, is not a Jew….his religion is Liberalism and Progressivism, with a side of naked ambition to remain in Congress. He cares nothing for his ancestral homeland, and he, sadly, cares nothing for America, preferring to support the dangerous policies of his progressive brethren rather than defend America.

So…who are the traitors in our midst?

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  1. Nadler (et al) = JINO.

    I still maintain that “Jews are smart” is the worst canard ever foisted upon us. Well educated? Certainly. Smart? Not so much.

    And GREAT post, BTW. *Loving* this blog.

  2. Why do you consider the “Jews are smart” assertion to be a canard? It seems complimentary to me.

    Now there’s a huge distinction between “smart” and “wise,” as anyone who’s spent time in academia can attest, because it has lots of smart people who are also foolish. In fact, academia perversely fosters that combination, since it accords intellectual viruosity points for being able to make meretricious arguments for risible perspectives.

  3. I coined a phrase for them which I shall now begin using con gusto:


    Unlike the real refuseniks like Natan Scharansky who refused to live under Soviet persecution, the neo-refusenik refuses his identity and in fact becomes the most strident anti-semite of all.

    See, Noam Chomsky, Saul Alinsky, et al.

  4. When I lived in CA, Henry Waxman was my Representative. The people at the temple I attended — including the rabbi — absolutely adored the bastard. He, like Nadler, Shumer, et. al. was a symbol of what has gone wrong with Jews: they are so hooked on Social Justice and (I hate to say it) not offending their neighbors of any other race or religion that they will die for anyone except their own people.

    I couldn’t take many years of that scene. Social Jews are suicidal jerks.

  5. >> Why do you consider the “Jews are smart” assertion to be a canard?

    Because it conflates “smart” with “educated,” and sets an unrealistic expectation, and because, as we see with folks like Chomsky, et al, it assumes facts not in evidence.

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