Narcissism, Identity Politics, Jargon And Quackery At Columbia University


I have always been fascinated by the jargon of the left. They twist and manipulate the language into incomprehensible gobbledegook that is intended to wow the unsuspecting reader or listener into believing that there is some rigorous thought and study and research behind the words. But of course that is simply not the case. It is exactly the opposite; language is used to obfuscate…to blur the lack of coherent thought, and most dangerously to hide the real goal of manipulation behind the veneer of academic blather.

Rest assured, the elites at Columbia have raised this to the highest peaks. In The Fainting Couch At Columbia, Commentary’s Heather Macaonald eviscerates the university’s “Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative.” The program is a riotous mess of opaque jargon, hackneyed leftist phrases, typical man-bashing and emasculation, and so much more. But it is carefully constructed to mean pretty much anything they want it to mean, which makes pushing back against it a very dangerous proposition for the typical undergraduate. I can easily imagine an Upper West Side inquisition constructed to destroy the occasional heretic.

The American university’s plunge into triviality may have become irreversible. To the narcissism of identity politics and victimology can now be added the quackery of “healing circles” and “mind/body work.” Columbia proudly claims that it has developed one of the first university-wide programs on sexual respect in the nation. Expect desperate one-upmanship to follow as our national descent into a new academic Dark Age accelerates.

Read the whole thing…it is almost unbelievable. But remember, this is the school that created Mattress Girl! They are capable of anything!

7 comments to “Narcissism, Identity Politics, Jargon And Quackery At Columbia University”
  1. where do all the victim’s of the counter culture free love sect…..go for reparations? and isn’t this the same crowd who are now running the universities?

  2. I identify as a survivor of liberal academia. Where is my special course on tools to adapt?
    (Very little can cause me to stop being my boisterous, gadfly self. The fear of a Title IX investigation thrown on my head is one of those things.)

  3. At one level such initiatives merely provide a vehicle for agitating among the useful idiots, but at another, it is a mechanism for undermining generally the regard in which social institutions are held. Academia, the government, police, the military, marriage, hell even normal sexual relations, all must be deprecated to level society before it can be rebuilt into the New Socialist Utopia.

  4. I have read your comments on AOS for many years, and now am enjoying the new blog. Rarely comment though

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