Breaking News: Pope is Catholic
What this guy said.

The media is having another one of those weird fawning moments over something Pope Francis never said that they wish he had said.  The tweet above is CNN’s reaction to the Pope’s recent “move” with regards to abortion.

Here’s Reuters:

He has shown no intention of retracting the Church’s opposition to abortion, but has alarmed conservatives by taking a less forceful tone on the issue than his predecessors.

Ah, no actual change, not even intention to, but apparently some nameless “conservatives” are “alarmed.” No quotes though, you’ll just have to take Reuters’s word for it that there are people opposed to contrition and forgiveness. I mean next thing you know the Pope Francis is going to start an outreach ministry to women who have had abortions!

I will admit to being skeptical of this pope, occasionally even critical.  His handling of the media has been subpar, leading to confusion regarding things as severe as socialism.

This though is blatant liberal wish casting.  I’ll leave the nuances to someone else to clarify, but this doesn’t even seem to me to be a super big deal in the grand scheme of things. (I see there’s a “Sean Bannion” category, so I’m sure I’ll be corrected in short order.) It’s not like he suddenly declared Nancy Pelosi to be a Catholic in Good Standing(tm).

The left has no understanding of “contrition” or for that matter confession. For them there is either “approval” or “disapproval.” So rather than seeing this for what is: continued acknowledgement that the contrite can receive forgiveness; they see it as approval and continued permission to keep acting as they always have with self-absorbed hedonism.

It fits nicely into their framework right next to Al Gore offsetting his private jet with some Carbon Credits.

Update: And Via @aaronworthing we have confirmation from MSNBC about my “approval or disapproval” bit:

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  1. This is why journalists have to go to J-school: to learn how in their articles to put a fig leaf over what is in fact their personal viewpoint.

    ” … has alarmed [people I don’t like] …”

    “Some say … ”

    “Many say … ”

    ‘Effing EVERYONE says …”

    “An anonymous source [me] says that …”

  2. It feels like a psy-ops campaign sometimes. The J-schoolers figure if they can just convince enough Catholics that the church says what they want it to say it’ll change.
    They want Abortion to be all hunky-dory, so they peddle this as proof it’s heading that way. (Heck the CNN article even goes on quoting some poll about what American “Catholics” believe.)

  3. I would love to read a scientific paper written to the same standards as Reuters or the NY Times holds their writing.


    Tons of them CBD!

    Seriously though, even the LA Times got closer to mark noting that many (most?) US bishops have already delegated this power to rank and file priests.
    Status quo ante, which to the media translates as “we win bitches.”

  5. i was hoping he hadn’t said this… just never know with this guy or with the press……….

  6. I was just confused by this whole “non”troversy. True contrition and penitence may achieve absolution…. even from as heinous an act as abortion. There is nothing new here.

    I mean, carving your living child out of your uterus isn’t like showing your junk to a kid or something. There is no forgiveness for that, ever.

  7. This usually respectful “Hard Core Cradle Catholic” wishes that Francis would STFU about global warming, immigration and…. just STFU about everything. He’s an abject embarrassment.

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