Maybe Tina Fey Can Do Something With This


“We can see Alaska from our pu-pu deck.”

So while President Obama is in Alaska slapping the memory of President McKinley and American history upside the head, five Chinese warships are no doubt ready to give him a 21 gun salute:

Five Chinese Navy ships are sailing in international waters in the Bering Sea off Alaska, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, in an apparent first for China’s military that came as U.S. President Barack Obama toured the U.S. state.

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said it was the first time the United States had seen Chinese navy ships in the Bering Sea.

“We respect the freedom of all nations to operate military vessels in international waters in accordance with international law,” Davis said.

Oh thank goodness, the brain trust at DoD, now almost 100% multicultural and progressive, is in mild Chip Diller/Baghdad Bob mode, reassuring us that there’s nothing to see here, so just move along. Well at least the brave, independent American media is on the case, unafraid to confront the president:


“Come again?”


DILLINGHAM, Alaska (AP) — This oh-my moment was nowhere on the official schedule for President Barack Obama’s visit to Alaska: salmon spawning on his shoes.

“You see that?” Obama declared Wednesday as he gripped a fish with two hands. “Something’s got on my shoes. … Generally you don’t want fish spawning on your feet. He said he was happy to see me.”

Visiting an isolated fishing village on a grey, overcast day, the president was full of admiration for the whole operation: He pronounced salmon jerky “really good,” tried unsuccessfully to scare up a knife so he could attempt to filet a fish, and carefully inspected smokehouse drying racks.

The president, wearing orange rubber gloves, held up a large silver salmon for reporters to admire but hastened to add: “I didn’t catch it. I don’t want anybody thinking I’m telling, you know, fish tales.”

Oh my, indeed:

China has ramped up defense spending to modernize its forces and wants to develop an ocean-going “blue water” navy capable of defending its growing interests as the world’s second-largest economy.

On Thursday, China is to hold a massive military parade featuring some 12,000 troops, the highlight of events there marking 70 years since World War Two ended in Asia.

Dean Cheng, a China expert at the Heritage Foundation think-tank in Washington, D.C., said the presence of the ships in the Bering Sea was designed to send a message to Washington about China’s growing military might.


Obama (seen at right)




Chi-Coms (at left)

10 comments to “Maybe Tina Fey Can Do Something With This”
  1. Any bets on how long it will be before the Chinese start building a new island near the Aleutians?

    They are going to need a lot of oil to fuel their machine, and the Spratleys aren’t going to be enough.

    Assuming of course they survive their coming great depression.

  2. If you read the article at the NY Post, they are aiming for a presence in the Arctic Ocean. Which pits them against Putin along with us and Canada.

    The rapid destabilization of the world because of his ideologically driven incompetence is just breathtaking. What too 60 years to achieve since 1945 is being smashed in one tenth the time. All I can do is shake my head, and pray.

  3. “Something’s got on my shoes. … Generally you don’t want fish spawning on your feet. He said he was happy to see me.”

    Ewww. He’s gross.
    That would be marginal even on the ONT.

  4. Evidence: at the G20 Summit the Chinese had him stand among the wives instead of the other world leaders for the official photo.

    Apparently he was too stupid to take the point. The Chinese must have been wetting themselves laughing.

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