“Take that, Bibi”

More Self-Inflicted Wounds

Periodically the MSM break cover and let their true colors show. A case in point:

So that brings me to the real self-inflicted wound, which was a tweet by PBS NewsHour co-anchor Gwen Ifill on Wednesday—after it became known that President Obama had secured the necessary number of Democratic backers in the Senate to ensure that the nuclear agreement with Iran could not be blocked by opponents—that said: “Take that, Bibi.” That was a reference, of course, to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who has strongly opposed the agreement and came to Washington at the invitation of Republican House Majority Leader John Boehner to argue against it in front of Congress.

So … not a rabid partisan of Obama at all. Just jettison any pretense of even-handedness and let it all hang out.

Remind me again why the taxpayers are supporting PBS, the televised version of the Ministry of Truth?

4 comments to ““Take that, Bibi””
  1. She’ll still be a debate moderator, I’d bet.

    Seriously this should disqualify her from…well everything, but it won’t.

  2. That was very restrained of you, CBD. My response would have been rather more graphic, bitter, more detailed in references to Ifill’s antecedents, current sources of income and closest friends, and would surely have exceeded the allowable limits for twitterage.

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