What Hath Liberalism Wrought, Part 2

Chicago Schools Seek State Cash as Crunch Looms

Liberalism always comes down to this:

The school board warns of deep cuts later this year if Illinois, which faces its own fiscal crisis, doesn’t deliver an additional $480 million in the coming months, representing roughly 8% of annual district spending.

So … let’s see… The state is broke, the school system is broke.Yep, that’s the hallmark of a Democrat-run operation.

Why are they broke? The article cites “fast-growing pension costs” … hmm … sounds familiar to us Californians.

The troubles in Chicago are among the most severe nationally as ballooning pension payments come due and officials run out of one-time fixes.

I’d suggest reporters put the phrases “ballooning pension payments” and “officials run out of one-time fixes” into Autotext on their computers, just to save time when writing articles about the finances of Democrat-run polities generally.

Meanwhile, the article notes, Chicago school debt is now rated as junk, so investors are demanding higher interest rates, thereby exacerbating the problem.

And, of course, no Democrat-generated train wreck is complete without the obligatory racial grievance mongers.

A group of parents, educators and activists with the support of union leaders launched a hunger strike Aug. 17 in a push to reopen a closed high school in a historically black neighborhood on the city’s South Side. The group argues the board concentrates money in Chicago’s wealthy, predominantly white neighborhoods. Hispanic and black students make up a vast majority of enrollment in city schools, and more than 85% of students are considered economically disadvantaged.

“There is a priorities crisis,” said Jitu Brown, a community organizer and parent who is participating in the hunger strike.

The story of liberal faillure, an evergreen.

7 comments to “What Hath Liberalism Wrought, Part 2”
  1. How can 85% of students in Chicago be economically disadvantaged? Chicago has been a democrat stronghold for decades?

  2. That should read:

    How can 85% of students in Chicago be economically disadvantaged? Chicago has been a democrat stronghold for decades.

  3. Good old Demonrats. Chew through the hull, sink the ship, abandon it and swim to the next one.

  4. Who could possibly have forseen this? I mean, aside from anyone not on the Left …

    Seriously, this happens like clockwork, and it is still “unexpected” to the Left. How does that work? How do people so averse to grasping cause and effect not do themselves in somehow?

  5. I suspect because anyone who can possibly afford it send his kids to a private school, or, failing that, an ISIS camp, where they’ll be safer.

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