Troop Dismissed

G.I. Joe demonstrates kung fu grip

G.I. Joe demonstrates his authentic kung fu grip.


If it isn’t apparent by now, let me state the obvious right here: Colin Powell has  proven himself a total disgrace. In an interview last Sunday on “Meet the Press” he stated his unequivocal support for President Obama’s Iran deal:

Powell, secretary of state under President George W. Bush, called the agreement “a pretty good deal” that would reduce the threat of Iran gaining a nuclear weapon.

Iran’s nuclear program “has been thrown into a detour” making it less likely it can produce a nuclear weapon to be used against Israel or other countries, Powell said. “So that’s pretty good…”

With all due respect to Powell, how the hell does he know? He hasn’t read the deal. Very few people – including our elected officials on the foreign relations and armed services committees themselves – have read the full text of the deal. And most of it has been designated “secret” or “classified” in order to prevent the public from finding out how insane its provisions truly are.  As some of the truly horrific details come out, we now know that there are secret side deals that were only recently leaked by some brave State Dept. staffer. But Colin Powell knows better than anyone, so take it from him, it’s all good.

Powell, who served as national security adviser under President Ronald Reagan, invoked Reagan’s oft-quoted maxim that the West should “trust but verify” any agreements with the former Soviet Union.

“With respect to the Iranians, it’s don’t trust — never trust — and always verify,” Powell said. “And I think a very vigorous verification regime has been put in place,” with the International Atomic Energy Agency and other international organizations monitoring Iran’s compliance.

Notice how NBC and Powell have the unmitigated temerity to invoke Ronald Reagan as well as his brilliant opposition and ultimate victory over the former Soviet Union. While Powell served in that administration, the press at every turn served to sabotage and undermine Reagan and his agenda on a daily basis. Beyond that, the situation with the Soviets has zero bearing on Iran. The Soviets ALREADY HAD nuclear weapons. Iran doesn’t (yet). The U.S.S.R. was a superpower on parity, at least militarily, with us. Iran is essentially a third world country that relies on oil to stay afloat. It has been the number one sponsor of state terrorism since Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shah and enabled the mullahs to establish a murderous theocracy that calls for our destruction on an hourly basis. We are the ones that should be dictating to them to cease and desist, or else.

Leading Middle East analyst Amir Taheri takes what we know about this deal and rips it to shreds:

Statements by IAEA and Iranian officials indicate that the envisaged inspections are unlikely to be “robust.” Both assert that there will be no inspectors from countries with nuclear arsenals.

That excludes the P5 to start with. Then, Iran will not allow inspectors from “unfriendly countries” such as Canada.

The IAEA must ask Iran to arrange for inspections at least one month in advance, long enough to “cleanse” any site and change the decor. Even then, the IAEA must first consider using Iranian inspectors.

So is this the part that Colin Powell thinks “is a pretty good deal” or is this next bit the one?

Obama claims he has “blocked all of Iran’s paths to building nuclear weapons.”

That is untrue.

Iran is allowed to continue enriching uranium and producing plutonium, ingredients needed for nuclear warheads, albeit at lower grades. Iran promises to slow down the process for a 10-year period. Even then, it is not clear at what cadence the proposed slowdown would take place.

In the meantime, Iran is benefiting from a steady crumbling of the sanctions edifice. More than 30 Iranian companies and banks are doing business with the EU and other nations.

That last sentence is the tell but what it leaves off is that there are American companies champing at the bit to get a piece of that pie once sanctions are lifted.  Can you say Tom Donohue/Chamber of Commerce? Now you know why the Senate “stupidly” surrendered its Article 2 advice and consent power to the President.


Chambers, and Gas Chambers

Chambers, and Gas Chambers


Recall the summer of 2009 when the Iranian people actually started to rebel against the mullahs – a REAL people’s uprising against tyranny. Unequivocal public support by President Obama right then and there, plus a tightening of sanctions and/or blockading Iran would have or at the very least could have toppled the regime.  What did President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton do?  They stood with the mullahs, and the uprising was brutally crushed.  And within a year, the Middle East was in flames as ISIS was born and metastasized while Obama and Clinton looked on, perhaps approvingly.

Whatever one feels about our going into Iraq in 2003 and how that war was fought vis a vis strategy (incredibly poorly in my opinion), the undeniable fact is George W. Bush, and the blood and treasure of several thousand Americans, won for Barack Obama a fragile nation that by all indications had a chance at moving forward and becoming a stable and friendly ally, and in a most strategic position vis a vis Iran. Today, because Barack Obama refused to negotiate an appropriate status-of-forces agreement and precipitously withdrew, he squandered the victory and in essence split the country in half between ISIS and a puppet state of Iran.

I say all this to circle back to Colin Powell.  In light of all of this, what did he do? He endorsed Obama in 2008 and worse, when Obama took a wrecking ball to the Middle East, withdrew America from the region as the only stabilizing force and abandoned our allies in favor of our sworn enemies, Powell endorsed him yet again in 2012. His calling conservatives and Tea Party supporters extremists and racists was just his way of boot-stomping America after giving it a good swift kick in the groin.

All I can say is, thank you for your service in uniform. But your actions over the past 6 years are nothing less than shameful.  Go pull a Macarthur and fade the hell away.

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  1. For once, I’m not thanking a veteran for his “service.” Powell has been a disgrace to both his uniform and country since he began his affirmative-action rise up the Washington ladder.

    I would like to believe Reagan considered Powell a “safe” choice who would — because race — reflect well on the administration. Undistinguished then, Powell covered himself in ignominy during Gulf War I, but covered himself in race and escaped blame for the pathetic “end” of that conflict.

    As both a “fine representative of his race” and a boot-licking yes-man, Powell fit in perfectly with the Choom Gang. Whatever military training he had has been forgotten under a thick layer of D.C. bullshit.

    Add early-onset dementia to his existing major character flaws, and you have Colin Powell, National Disgrace.

  2. “unfriendly nations” such as Canada?

    But Canada is like the friendlies nation around!
    This deal is a joke. But it’s too late, failure theater assures it’s passage.
    Worse yet the full tilt spin of the media means north of 40% of the country (i.e. partisan democrats and idiots BIRM) will think it’s the bees knees.

    It’s North Korea all over again, except NK is just crazy, Iran is actively hostile.

  3. Secret protocols? Hmmm. Even Woodrow Wilson got this one right (from Wiki, “secret treaty”):

    “U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was an opponent of secret diplomacy, making the first point of his Fourteen Points (set forth in a speech to Congress on January 8, 1918, after the U.S. entered the war)—the abolition of secret diplomacy, which he viewed as a threat to peace.”

    Cue the Santayana quote.

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