Sir, No Sir!

Chicks dig the uniform.

Chicks dig the uniform.


A massive rally is set for noon on Capitol Hill today to protest the Iran deal. The President will be running away to Michigan in order to shield his ego from thousands of Americans rising up in protest.  We know the Democrats are putting loyalty to Obama and the concomitant hatred of their own country and Israel before sanity, but Mitch McConnell can still kill the deal in the Senate by blowing up the filibuster rule. That eventuality is highly doubtful, given he is beholden to the Chamber of Commerce, which wants the deal out of greed.

In any case, as a follow up to my earlier post about¬†Colin Powell, an open letter was published in the Washington Post, signed by nearly 200 former generals, admirals and other governmental officials that strongly objects to President Obama’s Iran deal.

It is linked here.

2 comments to “Sir, No Sir!”
  1. That’s a lot of Brass in the letter! Too bad that the REAL military has not been — and never will be — consulted prior to Congress’s act of insanity. Instead, the Democrats, GOPe and their enablers will deliver a giant “screw you!” to the country they are alleged to serve.

    I have no hope for this rally. The MFM will trivialize it, the GOPe chattering class will, out of hatred for Trump, diss it, and Choom Boy will, as always, do the bidding of his Muslim masters.

    It will take a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv (G*d forbid, but it’s all too likely) for people to wake up to this perfidy. Even then, it won’t sink in; the traitors in D.C. have long since made up their minds.

    Someone needs to tell our “servants” that this is not a friggin’ game. It is survival or death, and they have chosen death.

  2. The rally is important in that we register our displeasure, to put it mildly, at those who wish to destroy the nation and our ally and those who wish to make a buck off it.

    Silence and submission is infinitely worse than an impossible battle.

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