N.C. College Promise Punishment After Students Heckle Play

Performers claim remarks were so disgusting they vomited afterwards

Source: N.C. College Promise Punishment After Students Heckle Play | The Daily Caller

Apparently members of the freshman class at Greensboro College as well as some student-athletes (all of whom were press-ganged into attending a mandatory SJW agitprop about sexual assault, and were evidently not best pleased about it, either) resorted to – wait for it – heckling and shouting sexually explicit remarks. Imagine.

One of the play’s performers, Emily Parker, told theater blogger and professor Howard Sherman that the attendees were apparently unhappy about being forced to see the play.

I think that that’s a pretty safe assumption.

“Many of the boys started calling out ‘She wanted it, it’s not rape,’ and making masturbation noises,” stage manager Claire Sellers told a local news station. Sellers said the remarks were so excessive that cast members “became physically ill and vomited after the show because they were so vulgar.”

Leaving aside the open question of what exactly are “masturbation noises,” I stand in awe of the hecklers. They were so vulgar that the cast members vomited? Now that’s impressive.

I’ve always considered myself an accomplished vulgarian (is that a word? Never mind. It is now. Somebody contact the OED and tell them there’s another neologism for the next edition.) but I know when I’m outclassed, and clearly that is now. I’ve never made anyone vomit, or as far as I could tell made anyone even a bit queasy, so I salute these young scholars for their accomplishment. I have to pick up my game.

Greensboro has responded firmly, not only condemning the playgoers’ heckling but promising to punish it. Severely, if necessary.

The college says it has launched an investigation under Title IX, the federal law banning sex discrimination in education.

Time and money well-spent. Thought crime is insidious, comrades, and must be stamped out lest it lead to counter-revolution. Let’s not waste time on calculus, comrades: we’ve got thought crime to extirpate!

The college president says the comments qualify as sexual harassment, and the college will be pursuing a formal complaint of sexual harassment against the hecklers, preparatory to their facing “disciplinary consequences,” presumably to extend beyond double-secret probation.

Now, a bonus question: think the administration would take a similar stance if, say, Ann Coulter were to encounter hecklers on campus?

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  1. The heckler’s veto works only on conservative speakers.

    If only there were audio of these stout and impressive gentlemen doing what so many only dream of….

  2. “Bonus question” first: No. In fact, HELL NO! Shouting down Coulter would be Protected Freedom of Expression. Can’t stop that, y’know.

    As for the rest: At some point, the colleges’ coddling of Special Snowflakes and Privileged Minorities (sexual, racial and every other kind) has to stop, and the administrators who thrive on government-mandated lunacy have to be deep-sixed. I’m not the best-educated guy on the Adult Short Bus, but even I can see that the current rules of the game can only produce uncompetitive, entitled whiners good only for hacky-sack games. When faced with real-world situations, all they will be able to do is cry, and/or call a lawyer.

    It seems like a sick joke when you describe it, but like the Age of Choom Boy and our increasingly impotent place in the political and economic spheres, it has long since ceased to be funny. Heads (in D.C. and academia) need to roll.

  3. What about the vomiting by those forced to watch the play? Isn’t the administration concerned about that?

  4. sticks and stone can break my bones…but hurtful words will make be vomit and then i’ll be at my ideal weight! (i denounce myself)

  5. I’ve always considered myself an accomplished vulgarian …but I know when I’m outclassed

    Another sign that you’re still in the minors is a manifest inability to make masturbation noises.

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