Not This Again

Source: Brandon Marshall: White Players Treated Differently Than Black Players « CBS New York

Brandon Marshall isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and that was on full display on Tuesday night.
Discussing the nullification of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” the Jets’ wide receiver theorized about how race might have played a role in Judge Richard M. Berman’s decision.
“White players, specifically at the quarterback position, are treated differently,” the five-time Pro Bowler said.

Not afraid to speak his mind? Presumes a fact not in evidence.

Young Brandon is apparently unable to draw the gossamer-like distinction between Brady’s case (slightly under-inflating footballs, an unsportsmanlike thing to do), and the felonies routinely committed by black players. See also this, which breaks down the types of crimes committed over the last 15 years (only three murders! Woot!). It concludes by listing the three most arrested players, and surprise! they’re all bruthas.

Then there’s this:

One of the newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, former San Francisco 49ers defensive end Charles Haley, advised young black players to “act like white guys” and stay out of trouble.

Brandon Marshall was unavailable for comment on that one.

Last, to end on a prosaic note, I notice that Brandon Marshall has himself been popped for disorderly conduct (six years ago, charges dismissed, but received a lecture and a three-game suspension from Goodell), so he’s not an entirely disinterested observer.

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  1. Heck compared to other crimes such as knocking your fiancé unconscious, Brady’s original 4 game suspension was harsh.

    The Player’s union negotiated a contract that allows them to keep their cash cows playing absent pretty serious public outcry. That’s all that happened here.

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