I Blame Big Popcorn

The pro-Clinton crusader accuses former Washington bureau chief Carolyn Ryan of helping to turn the paper into a ‘megaphone for conservative propaganda.’

Source: David Brock: The New York Times has ‘a special place in hell’ – POLITICO

David Brock: The New York Times has ‘a special place in hell’

[Inadvertently omitted from the original post. My bad.]

I don’t know about the megaphone for conservative propaganda business, but otherwise I agree with David Brock re the NYT, albeit for different reasons.

“Ryan held forth to colleagues that the response [regarding Clinton’s homebrew server] from [spokesman Nick Merrill] had been edited down to a few stray phrases because she — Carolyn Ryan — believed it was a lie — and that the Clintons just lie,” Brock writes, citing unnamed sources inside the Times New York newsroom.

Once again, I find myself in the unaccustomed position of agreeing with a leftist source.

“David Brock is an opportunist and a partisan who specializes in personal attacks,” Eileen Murphy [an NYT spokesman] told POLITICO in an email.

Hat trick for truth. Judgment Day must be nigh. Nothing quite like a blue-on-blue (or should I say “Red-on-Red”?) cat fight to bring out some honest commentary from the Left.

“[Clinton ally and editor of the liberal-leaning National Memo Joe] Conason and others said certain unidentified Times reporters have privately expressed concern about the Washington bureau chief’s championing of aggressive, occasionally damaging reporting about the Democratic frontrunner,” Grove wrote.

Good point. What’s up? They’re supposed to direct all aggressive, occasionally damaging reporting onto the Republican candidates. Democrats get puff pieces. Somebody obviously didn’t get the memo.

“Carolyn Ryan has edited nearly every story I’ve written about the Clintons since I moved to the beat in 2013. She has always been a fair-minded, inspiring and brilliant editor who has never shown even a hint of bias (for or against) any candidate we cover,” Times reporter Amy Chozick said in an email.

OK, I knew the streak was too good to last. Equilibrium has now been restored to The Force.

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