The Language Of David Brock: Orwell Would Be Proud


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Jay Guevara beat me to the punch….his post below mocks David Brock and his ridiculous contention that the NY Times is a “megaphone for conservative propaganda.”

But Brock does the Devil’s work here by contorting language beyond all rational understanding. His goal is clear: make any criticism of Hillary Clinton a conservative plot — an extension of the vast right wing conspiracy that sank her health care reform in the 1990s, attacked her and her husband at every turn, killed Bambi, and probably burned your steak last night.

The NY Times’ reporting on the Clinton scandals has been gentle, tardy, incomplete, and worst of all, dismissive of their seriousness. Had a Republican frontrunner committed even one of her many transgressions, the NY Times would have put 50 reporters on the story and would have run serial multipage stories for weeks until the Republican was driven from the public square.

That Brock uses the word “conservative” to describe attacks — however mild — on Clinton is an insult to conservatives. I would hope that we would attack her with more than the pablum that the Times spews in its desperate attempt to do the absolute minimum necessary to avoid being accused of being an absolute joke of a newspaper that has long been in the bag for the Democrat party, American progressivism, Soviet apologists, Muslim apologists, militant homosexuals, the worldwide anti-Israel movement, and a host of anti-freedom, anti-American ideals.

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  1. May I just say, evil or brilliant (or both) cropping of that image for the main page.
    Bloodshot eyes now haunt my nightmares.

  2. And Huxley would be proud here too for it is the technologies that he wrote of in which our society is mesmerized with and therefore pay no attention to the (wo)man behind the curtain…..lost in their happy techno world and unwilling to fight, much less read or do a little research (ie read another paper or tune to news other than Stewart…oh lord, who will they OBEY now that he’s out?!).

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