Oil Find On The Golan Is A Game Changer

Large oil deposits found on the Golan Heights add some interesting complexity to Israel’s long-term security situation. If this find can be developed at a reasonable cost, it would allow Israel to be energy self-sufficient….they already have large natural gas fields in the Mediterranean.

Of course, the significant down side to this is the real possibility that gasoline will become cheaper in Israel.

As anyone who has ever spent time in Israel knows, they are maniacs in their cars, maybe the scariest drivers in the Western world, so this may not be an unalloyed good thing. I would go long on car repair futures……

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  1. Oh I don’t know, I spent two weeks in Israel this spring and they take a back seat to Turkey and especially Romania for outright crazy and impatient

    But I suppose now ISIS will try to get horizontal drilling equipment.

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