And Now For Something Completely Different: The FN Five-seveN MK2

I have never fired this pistol, but it’s an intriguing idea….20 rounds of a small caliber, high velocity round that has negligible recoil. My self-defense weapons are both large caliber…..a .40 S&W (H&K USP) and the venerable 1911 Mk. IV Series 70 (Colt Gold Cup). Obviously I accept the arguments that large caliber rounds are preferable for self defense, otherwise I would have bought one of those cute little 9mm pistols. Maybe in pink, or a lovely light blue!

There is also the undeniable allure of the new and untried. And maybe if I get this pistol, FN will give me a discount on the FN SCAR 17S that I was going to sell a kidney for. 

I will bet it’s fun at the range, especially with a pretty impressive muzzle blast and a flat trajectory. Shoot it on the rifle line!

Oh, it also pisses off the gun grabbers, because like all high velocity rounds, this will penetrate the typical vest. Hell, there is a good enough reason right there. But….it’s also $1,250, which pushes it out of the “just for the hell of it” category.

Oh, well……

5 comments to “And Now For Something Completely Different: The FN Five-seveN MK2”
  1. Skip that hyped up BS and get a a regular 9mm and put this in it…

    And if you want a good 7.62×51 rifle that uses standard magazines that you don’t have to sell a kidney to buy; get a S&W M&P 10.

  2. The SCAR 17S has an ambidextrous bolt, and since I’m a lefty, that’s the one for me. Although the Israeli bullpup (Tavor) is ambidextrous too!

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