This is (sadly) Not the Onion

So I guess that to protest campus carry some idiot launched a “cocks not glocks” campaign at UT Austin.

This is the progressive left in a nutshell (or a nut.) They see themselves as the intellectual (hah!) heirs to Foucault, who, as a professor mine once said can be summed up in one word “transgress!”

Here’s the thing though, the moral culture is pretty much in shambles already. For better or worse the sexual revolution (the big context for Foucault’s “transgress” commandment) was a pretty big victory.  That is, there isn’t much to actually transgress against anymore. So instead you have the left basically acting like children trying to get a rise out of their parents.

“See me dad, I have a dildo in public! What are you going to do now?!”

“See mom, I’m walking around in my underwear in the town center with a sign full of bad words! Aren’t you angry?”

And this bit of absurdity. I’m not entirely sure what the connection is between dildos and guns (other than the rhyme with “Glock.”) But I imagine this special snowflake thinks she’s somehow “transgressing” against a bunch of religious prudes who have never seen a bachelorette party out on the town.

The true irony of it all is: who is actually transgressing? The person who’s basically using the dominant culture to push a (stupid) agenda or the religious folks she thinks she’s mocking who have more or less become the counterculture? (Doubly so in academia.)

Transgression these days is living a pious life in the face of a sick and perverse culture. But the left is full of intellectual children, they simply are incapable of comprehending that.

(P.S. I just got back from vacation and am swamped with writing, so kudos for CBD for keeping up the content while many of us are away!)

Update: And Via one of @SeanBannion’s follow recommendations to me, here’s something related from Archbishop Timothy Dolan (who incidently is from my childhood parish.)

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  1. The left’s opposition to Campus Carry is based on paranoid fantasy scenario where a concealed carrier shoots a professor because of a bad grade, who gets angry during a classroom discussion and starts shooting up the place like Yosemite Sam. Neither of which has ever happened.

    What has actually happened on “Gun Free” campuses is that mentally unstable losers have killed people because no one was allowed to shoot back.

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