Quick Thoughts On Last Night’s Democrat Debate

So, for those of you who aren’t masochistic, you may have skipped the debate last night. Good for you. No seriously. You’re better than I am, and I envy you.

For my part I’m only self loathing enough to watch 1 hour of it before going to bed.

The internet will be full of hot takes from both sides of the aisle today so I’ll spare you the in depth analysis except to make 3 points.

  1. Screw you Kevin McCarthy. We knew that your quote was going to be turned against the right. You had to know that too. One wonders if you’d like a Hillary presidency and if that was your goal all along. You are a disgrace (rumors of infidelity aside) and frankly, were you my congressman I’d be demanding you resign for being an idiot. Bu you’re not, so let California Have you.
  2. On that note: Get Bent Bernie Sanders. You may not care about the “damned emails” because while our national security is being blatantly compromised you’re still blathering on about the 1%. Hell, I’d bet as Iran nukes Israel or Russia or China┬ákills off our intelligence agents (exposed by Hillary’s email stupidity) you’d still be more concerned about free public college.
  3. Finishing that thought, Sanders, you’re walking proof about the lack of introspection that is a requirement to be a socialist. You’re rambling on about the “new aristocracy” created by Citizen’s United while standing right next to a current aristocrat who has acted with impunity in a way that would land a lesser person in jail. Worse you’re defending her. Socialism’s true colors: it’s all about protecting and pampering the political class.
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  1. That’s all socialism is ever about. It’s about putting everyone that’s not in the political class “in their place”, and making sure that only the rulers have nice things. Redistribution only ever goes from the wealthy to the government, and everyone that’s not among the Party Elite ends up living in squalor.

  2. I am constantly amazed by the ease with which people delude themselves, and try to spread their delusions to others.

    It is said that Shrillery “won” the debate. From such evidence as I’ve seen — video from NBC, which endlessly gives Madame Secretary the most egregious tongue baths and apparently has a policy that she can do now wrong, ever — she was her usual lying, evading, obfuscating self, “debating” one senile old coot and three yokels who simply haven’t a clue about much of anything.

    Clearly, the standards for debate performance don’t include honesty, decency or sense. Only the delivery, and the perceptions of the crowd, matter.

    If you though two terms with Choom Boy in office were bad, you will be horrified by President Hillary’s rule. Liberals, on the other hand, will get just what they want.

  3. Agreed…we will get all of Obama’s Socialist nonsense, with the added destruction of a “woman-centric” official policy.

  4. Here’s a thought: since Bernie doesn’t consider email security to be an issue worthy of consideration, let’s use an insecure email server to send out his itinerary on a visit to the Middle East and Iran.

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