Protest against Trump hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ grows

NEW YORK (AP) — Pressure continued to mount on NBC to cancel Donald Trump’s guest-host appearance on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” as a coalition of advocacy groups delivered petitions to the network Wednesday calling…

Source: Protest against Trump hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ grows

Hell, Ace beat me to this one, which I’d put into the queue for writing, but here goes a quick one anyway.

“There’s mounting evidence that Donald Trump’s racist demagoguery is resulting in real-world violence and physical and verbal intimidation,” Mushed Zaheed, deputy political director of Credo Action, one of the participating groups, said in a statement.

Really? What evidence would be, “Mushed” (can I call you “Mushed?”), and I don’t care if you mounted it, NTTAWWYT. So apart from this bald assertion, what “real-world violence” are you talking about?

Meanwhile, Trump drew sharp criticism in an online letter with the names of dozens of prominent writers, filmmakers, academics and others from the United States, Spain and Latin America attached to it, including Oscar-winning writer-director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“Birdman: Or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance”).

Prominent writers, filmmakers, and academics from Spain and Latin America? So prominent they don’t even need naming, because their names are household words. In Spain and Latin America.

One of the glitterati being the writer-director Gonzalez Inarritu, who is so prominent that they have to tell us the movie he made, he’s just that prominent.

For my part, I’d never heard of him, and I daresay there’s not a person in 100,000 in the U.S. who has. They should’ve gotten Hector the Gardener to sign the letter. Him I’ve heard of.

“We refuse to keep silent in the face of the alarming declarations of the candidate for the presidency of the United States Donald Trump,” the letter posted Tuesday reads. “His hate speech appeals to the lowest passions like xenophobia, machismo, political intolerance and religious dogmatism.”

Yeah, if there’s one thing that Hispanics hate, it’s machismo, probably something else they blame Anglos for. I wonder where Mushed Zaheed shakes out on this “religious dogmatism” issue. Think he’s more likely to be a “big tent” guy, or a wannabe beheader?

But here’s the best part, and the thing I enjoy most about Trump’s candidacy. Opponents of Trump throw a hissy fit, and now are demonstrating against him, and he’s pleased.

Asked about the opposition to his upcoming appearance while promoting his new book in New York on Tuesday, Trump said he was pleased to hear demonstrations were already underway.

“Look, I think they should demonstrate” he said. “Ratings will go even higher than they are going to be. It’s going to be one of their highest-rated shows ever and they’re very excited about it.”

Asked specifically about the petition, he said: “It’s only going to make it hotter.”

“Wait, Trump, did you hear what we said? We’re circulating a petition! We’re demonstrating! You’re supposed to cower and apologize! Pay attention!”

Watching Trump use psychic ju-jitsu on leftists is one of the few consistent pleasures we have now. He’s absolutely right: the more they howl, the higher the expected ratings, and the more likely a network on life support is to put him in front of a camera.

He’s put the leftists in a no-win situation. If they throw a hissy fit, it bolster ratings, makes NBC happier to have him on the show (ka-ching!), and evidently amuses Trump. If they (for once) shut up, that pleases everyone who’s tired of hearing leftist crap, and reveals their impotence and irrelevance.

Ya gotta love it. Trump, by being thick-skinned and not taking leftists seriously, is showing the way to deal with the media, and with leftist preciousness. GOP candidates, please note.

HIs response to Chris Cuomo’s assertion that Trump was at war with NBC?

“You’re never at war when you get great ratings with a network, OK?” Trump replied. “Nobody gets ratings like me.”

And this is the problem that the leftist media face: they like to deny oxygen to people and events that they don’t like, but they can’t ignore Trump, or do so at their financial peril, because somebody will cover him, and make a fortune. So they have cover him, albeit with gritted teeth.

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  1. We can hope it has the “Dear Limey bastard” effect that happened the last time foreign nationals *openly* tried to affect a presidential election (famous Brits wrote letters to average voters in, I think Ohio, urging them to vote against Bush. It backfired, the greeting above was the salutation in the reply letter to John leCarr, and a traditionally dem county went R after all.

  2. Let’s certainly hope so. I suspect that the illegal alien supporters and the Left in general have overplayed their hand at this point, and will generate what is for them a vicious cycle: the less influence they exert, the more strident they’ll become, and so on.

  3. Did the Witches of Salem sign the petition, too? It strikes me as right up their alley….

    I am constantly amazed that these “protest” types keep playing right into the hands of a savvy dude like Trump. As you pointed out, he knows how to milk a situation for maximum publicity benefit, and doesn’t cower in the face of attacks from politically correct Oppressed People like most of the simpering fools who fill the political arena tend to do.

    I don’t recognize a single name among the signers of the petition, which to me renders their protest even more pointless and uninteresting. I might change my mind if they get Juan Valdez to sign it….

  4. Isn’t that an amusing observation? Those behind the petition think that a bunch of people that Americans have never heard of actually carry weight here, evidently because they are worthies wherever they come from, and those responsible for the petition are dead impressed by them.

    Hell, they’d have been better off getting Yoenis Cespedes and Yasiel Puig to sign it. At least we know who they are.

  5. I heard a short snippet of one of the Hispanic rabble-rousers blathering on and on about how evil and racist Trump is. At least that’s what I assume he was saying….

    Luckily the stupid ass spoke so quickly and with such a thick accent that I had absolutely no idea what the hell he was saying.

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