The Problem Is Not ISIS Or Al Qaeda; It Is Militant Islam

all-i-wantEven the most hawkish of pronouncements from the French have carefully focused on the tactical issue of defeating ISIS. Yes, ISIS is a problem, but the combined might of the West could dispatch it in short order. ISIS has made the elementary and existential mistake of concentrating their forces where we can see them and kill them. Whether the West has the intestinal fortitude to complete the job is a question for another day. A few bombing runs, however well-intentioned, is not going to do the job. And one of the advantages that Al Qaeda has is their distributed organization: it is almost literally all over the world. That’s tough to find and tough to kill. But even if we destroy ISIS as a fighting force, return their conquered territory to its former owners — whoever that might be — and decimate Al Qaeda, we are still left with an ascendent Islam.

And Islam as an ideology…a revolutionary political philosophy that has at its root the expansion across the entire world…cannot be destroyed. It is an idea, a political and social structure masquerading as a religion, and it is an undeniably attractive one to 1.6 billion people. But the apologists who fervently believe in a mythical “moderate Islam” are fools, and are fooling us. As the saying goes, A militant Muslim wants to kill us….a moderate Muslim wants the militant Muslim to kill us.

What we can do is tamp down its expansionist tendencies with forceful military and political action that must extend over a generation or more; constant application of overwhelming military might everywhere Islam has a foothold. That requires foresight in our leaders, something that is sorely lacking in all but a few Western politicians. It also requires the intestinal fortitude of the people of the West. We must be dedicated enough to the cause of liberty and freedom and individualism to send our sons to fight and die in foreign lands, to teach our children that freedom and liberty and Western culture is worth fighting and dying for. And most important; to exert enough force to crush the military might of Islam, and to convince them that their time is not now. Yes, they will lay in wait for a century or two or three, but that is the nature of the beast.

I see very little evidence of that. What I see is an increasingly infantile population that is more and more comfortable with the anti-freedom and anti-democratic tendencies of the Social Justice Warriors and the BlackLivesMatter and the militant feminists whose idea of Nirvana is a world with neutered men…ignoring the uncomfortable fact that the world they envision would be in short order a world ruled by Sharia law, where they would be chattel, or dead.

Some have suggested that it will take another 9/11, or something much worse to snap America and the West out of its obtuse insistence that all is well. I hope that we never find out. Perhaps France will be the first Western country to fight the long war. And perhaps America will get the leader it needs next year, and we begin to repair the damage that Islamic apologists have wreaked upon our country’s psyche.

I’m not holding my breath.


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  1. CBD, it is very clear that, for the foreseeable future, France will be the only Western nation to take the fight to ISIS. Choom Boy, our very own armchair terrorist, has made that clear. What the USA is doing to combat Muslim violence is “working,” he says. And, in a twisted way, it is: the major acts of terrorism have happened in France and the Middle East, not here. Yet.

    The headline suggests that ISIS and Al Qaeda are “not the enemy.” That’s horse excreta. What do they do that is NOT focused on so-called Radical Islam? I can’t think of a thing. I say it’s better to go after those groups at their center, and punish those nations/groups that support them, then to follow the pointless “strategy” of plinking their leaders off one by one, and blowing up their sand dunes.

    If ever there was a time for “tolerance,” it is long past. I share the Mocha Messiah’s dislike of “collateral damage,” but when the enemy doesn’t play by anything remotely resembling civilized rules, it’s time to — shall we say — bite the bullet and come up with a full-on, we’re-here-to-win response to every act committed by the enemy. And deny them the resources to commit any more violence.

    The Islamic world has chosen its side. “Moderates” be damned, they will, like Choom Boy, “side with Islam.” The civilized world has to make it clear that they have made a fatally wrong choice.

  2. You have missed the point.

    ISIS et al. are a symptom, a logical result of the ascendance of radical Islam. Of course they are a military and security challenge, but it is what drives them that is the real problem. And until the West admits that we will continue to lose.

    As for tolerance? No, a successful strategy against militant Islam will not include one iota of tolerance. Unrestricted warfare should be the default response to any act of terrorism or Islamic territorial expansion.

  3. We’re at an incredible time in this country. Wiker talks about this is “Worshipping the State.”
    While the left seeks to secularize the public square by effectively banning any religious (read: Christian or Jewish) speech they also carve out incredibly bizarre protections for Islam (such that handing out bibles on a street corner in Dearborn and saying “Christ is the true savior” is now apparently fighting words.)

    This is of course a huge part of the problem. Free speech is great, but we’re not even bothering to do the “more speech” side of the whole response to bad speech. (Setting aside actual incitement here for a moment, which is arguably what a bunch of this speech is!)
    I can’t criticize Muslims for their haphazard (to be generous) assimilation because “ISLAMAPHOBE.” I cannot point out that the end result of their ideology is the total suppression of human freedom because “HATER.”
    Strange times we live in.

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