The More Speech Side: Burkas Are Barbarism And Feminists Should Care

Following up on my comment in CBD’s post. For whatever reason the bulk of Americans simply fail to engage in even the most basic counter speech to even the simplest problems with Islamic beliefs. We have in this country the power of free speech, and by God we should use it.

Take for example Burkas. Burkas are probably the most barbaric thing I see on a semi-regular basis in the free world. It’s 95F with 85% humidity and the Muslim women are told they have to out in a full freaking black sheet. I mean WTF? Yet where is even the mildest counter-speech against it? Where are the feminists crying out about it. NOW (or some other “feminist” organization needs to take out a billboard just outside of Dearborn, MI that says at the very least “Burkas should be left in the Middle East.”

Beyond that every freedom loving person should use every free association right in his power to avoid associating with people who either wear or make their wives wear burkas. (I’d go one step further and say that you should use this power to avoid associating with anyone who even condones it.) Such an action would clearly be protected speech, and no worse than the bullshit NOW hurls at Christians on a regular basis. Simple social shaming. It infringes on no one’s rights, there’s no “shutting down of mosques” (as The Donald wants to do apparently.)

Yet, from the left, crickets. If we can’t even be bothered to criticize this obvious in your face barbarism, how can we tackle radical Islam at all?

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2 comments to “The More Speech Side: Burkas Are Barbarism And Feminists Should Care”
  1. Hate to say it but the way I see it, the (under educated) American women in our society who have chosen to convert wear their burkas with pride. A kind of “look at me” or a dare to “fear me” attitude. I see them daily. Burkas have replaced the African head wrap of the 80’s and 90’s and are quickly becoming the latest “cool” fashion in our inner city ghettos. Their conversion is usually by choice, unlike the forced conversion of so many women from other countries.

    I agree that the feminists should be speaking out about burkas, well that and female castration, but the feminist agenda is so very much deeper than just “the rights of women”….

  2. I don’t see many converts in the full Burka, the Hijab maybe but not the burka.

    Frankly I find the Hjiab stupid as all get out (all it does is change the focus on beauty from including hair to over focus on face) But on the grand scheme of things it’s about as barbaric as a scarf. (Granted I’m sure most feminists would be outraged by a scarf.)

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