Follow up re UC Merced terrorist attack

Just a quick follow-up to adduce further evidence of the complicity and mendacity of the MSM.

Faisal Mohammed attacked people on the UC Merced campus two weeks ago, plenty of time for some digging to have taken place.

Where are the stories telling us …

  1. … where he came from? And no, Viriginia, we’re not buying “Santa Clara.” Stopping for a traffic light someplace doesn’t make you from that place.
  2. … when he came here? How old was he?
  3. … under what circumstances did he come here?
  4. … had he been involved in any other (obviously lesser) incidents before?
  5. … what does his father do?
  6.  … why did his father come here (here the US, not here Santa Clara)?
  7.  … what are dear old Dad’s views? On Islam? On his son’s actions?
  8. … what do his classmates have to say about him? His study group? His roommate(s)? His present instructors? His high school instructors? His neighbors back home (in this context, I will accept “Santa Clara”)?
  9. … what indications were there, if any, of his growing radicalism?
  10. … with whom did he communicate on the Internet? Was he accessing radical Islamicist sites?

(For “he” above substitute “his family” as appropriate.)

Well, MSM? I cut up the steak for you. Now do your job.

Or from your silence, and your history of carrying water for Obama and other leftists, should I assume the worst regarding the answers to these questions?