66 Arrested In America Over ISIS And They Include Refugees

Dozens of people have been arrested in the US and charged over plotting for ISIS. Some entered the US as refugees. Republicans are trying to stop the US accepting tens of thousands of Syrians.

Source: 66 arrested in America over ISIS and they include refugees

I’m detecting a pattern here … and no, it’s not “campus violence,” which the leftists would have had us believe after the UC Merced attacks by Faisal Mohammed.

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  1. Serious question:
    The Syrian situation is bad, but it’s probably something that could be dealt with using military force. Unless we intend to take the entire population of Syria and a large part of Iraq, we can’t solve this problem with refugee status.

    Meanwhile though in Nigeria as AlextheChick’s recent tweet reminds us Boko Haram is running wild, and doing things that are quite honestly more barbaric than ISIS. (Although it’s a close call honestly we’re in that area of “can no longer compare the awful.) BH seems to be targeting specific groups, so pulling those groups out would help them. Yet I see no call for refugees from Nigeria. Why?

  2. Great question. Offhand, I’m stumped. Part of it is that the MSM hasn’t been covering events in Nigeria, but that just moves the question back one layer. Why haven’t they been covering those events?

    Since the MSM generally works hand in … uh … glove with Obama, presumably pushing Syria and ignoring Nigeria serves some purpose of his, but again, offhand, I’m not sure what.

    Speaking of the MSM carrying water for Obama, notice how nobody mentions that the situation in Syria is largely a failure of Obama’s foreign policy? His “red lines” didn’t amount to squat, and Putin played him like a violin.

    Thanks again, 52%.

  3. The world is sensitized to Semitic refugees, no doubt, at least in part, as a result of the demonization of Israel’s behavior and the elevation to sainthood of all Palestinian “refugees.”
    And there is the undeniable attraction of showing beautiful blue-eyed orphans on TV. Coal-Black Nigerians just don’t have the ratings pop that the media want.

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