Once Again Trump’s Megalomania Distracts Us From Real Concerns

So, in “the sky is blue” news, Trump has been shooting his mouth off again. That’s not the problem, the problem is the after effect. Any time Trump shoots his mouth we end up talking about what he said, rather than actual issues.

We’re there “thousands” celebrating in New Jersey? I’m going to go with “no.” Were there some (being more than 1 less than 1,000)? Probably, the world is full of assholes. There were probably also some anarchists and hard core communists celebrating in other parts of the country that would later become elements of the “Occupy” movement. Again: world, assholes, full of it.

But frankly this isn’t the point. What about the celebrating Palestinians? Maybe that never happened, as we all know Wikipedia has a right leaning bias.

And that was just the easiest to come up with using 20 seconds of searching, I’m sure there were celebrations in other parts of that region. These are the people who would become ISIS or expand Hezbollah and Hamas (who, having become a “political party” in name still has a militaristic side.)

Now I don’t intend to downplay the concerns of potential terrorist already in our country. But we just have to deal with the fact that their will always be someone inside our boarders who wants to cause mass destruction. 20 years go it was Timothy McVeigh, now it’s radical Islam, in 20 more years maybe it’ll be a militarized Occupy movement, who the heck knows. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom and what not. But we cannot ignore the obvious looming threat outside our boarders. Arguing over whether a it was 5, 10 or 20 people celebrating in New Jersey is like arguing over who should shovel the sidewalks as an avalanche approaches. But this is what the Democrat loving media wants, because it distracts you from the failures of Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

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  1. tsrblke, it is not “Trump’s megalomania” causing the problem, it is the media’s knee-jerk reactions to what he says that are to blame.

    If you listen to what every other political hack says, you’ll find countless instances where they spew absolutely unbelievable bullshit. Yet the media, who are in lockstep support of them — all they have to be is either Democrats or Republicans not named “Trump” to get fawned upon — let all their atrocious statements slide on by.

    All I’m saying is: you can’t blame Trump for the “after effects.” IMO, the man deserves props for saying things that need to be said. Have we ceded so much power to the SJWs that we can’t see that? If so, we are in worse shape than even I thought.

  2. I think that implies that Trump just spews without knowing what he’s doing. Which is wrong.
    The guy is a master media manipulator, he has been for a long time. He loves being in the spotlight so he says what he knows will keep him there.

    Frankly I don’t think he believes in anything. Which explains contradictions like “I’m so pro-life, but my rabidly pro-choice sister would make the classiest supreme court justice.”

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