Young white people are losing their faith in the American Dream

Young white Americans are now as downbeat on the American dream as young Americans of color.

Source: Young white people are losing their faith in the American Dream – The Washington Post


(Sorry for another content-free post; life intervenes, in this case in the form of coaching the elder Guevara through multivariable calculus (which I’m rather enjoying reviewing, just wish I didn’t have to do so on a crash basis).)

Now to the article …

I suspect that destroying faith in America and the American dream is part of the plan of the hard Left, to generate a disaffected population that will be ripe for agitation. People who are happy and prosperous are obviously to go in for destroying the present social structure, whereas those who are frustrated and bitter are prime candidates for agitation. If that was the plan, then mission accomplished.

Marxists view history as driven by economics (historical materialism), which is why their (often unwitting) fellow travelers ascribe, e.g., Islamic terrorism to a lack of economic opportunity, for which they prescribe training, education, and jobs. (In the case of Islamic terrorists I think a much better case can be made for a philosophical rather than economic basis for their actions, but that’s by the by.)

The extension of the Marxists’ perspective is that to drive history in the way they want, they need to produce economic distress so that the populace will be open to building the socialist paradise. This is why I suspect that our economic woes (and to some extent, general social woes, such as the racial polarization attendant upon the Obama Administration) are not a happenstance, but result from the unholy confluence of Marxist theology and garden-variety stupidity and incompetence by Obama & Co.

An interesting point re the article lies in the comments, which are not at all what one would expect on a WaPo article: many are laying this malaise (can I use that word?) at the malodorous feet of Obama and his policies, which is where I believe it belongs.

Seriously, read some of the comments. Many are expressing no love for Obama or the Democrats, or their policies. Maybe the moribund Republic is fluttering its eyelids a bit. One can hope.