Where Have All The “Can we call this terrorism?” Articles Gone?

The title of this one is pretty self explanatory. After the South Carolina and Colorado shootings the left was running around going “can’t you call this terrorism?” or “Isn’t this terrorism, why can’t you say it?” (For my part, terrorism needs some sort of end goal or message other than “die all you people.” The SC shooter–no names for cowardly jackasses–wanted to start a race war. So probably terrorism. The CO shooter seems to just be bugfuck insane, but I’ll guess we’ll see how that plays out. But I digress.)

Back to the point at hand, in the words of CNN’s awesomely named terrorism expert, Buck Sexton, this is “99% likely to be terrorism.” If this were a science study and p=0.01, it’d be published in Nature as damned near fact. But the FBI is cautious and not naming motives. And Salon isn’t running around demanding we label it what it obviously is.

I wonder what’s different?

(By the by Salon is running around demanding an end to the Second Amendment.)

2 comments to “Where Have All The “Can we call this terrorism?” Articles Gone?”
  1. And our intrepid terrorist-enabling Attorney General is proclaiming that her greatest fear is anti-Muslim speech.

    We have reached peak stupidity, and it is going to get us killed.

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