Is the FBI even bothering to really investigate the San Bernardino Attack?

I think this is a legitimate question to ask given that I’m watching live on CNN as the media picks apart the apartment crime scene while CNN’s own experts say they’re disturbed by the lack of law enforcement control over said scene.

I’ll have to defer to both experts and common sense here and both say you may need to return to a crime scene as the investigation proceeds. That and CNN is reporting “passports, IDs and Social Security Numbers” still at the scene.

I mean FFS, wouldn’t at least one or two of those things be relevant?

Is it possible the FBI is planning on just doing a quick slipshod investigation, declaring the case closed and moving on? And what then if they had contact with other radicals who are planning something else that gets missed?

The blood will be on the FBI and the administration’s hands, but I hope and pray that this was a pair of lone wolves and not something bigger.


So if you follow the link in AtC’s tweet it appears the FBI is claiming this is still an open investigation. But that raises a the same questions, how did the FBI lose control of something so sensitive so fast. Someone wanted to get in there, we all knew that, even if it was just TMZ. FFS this is “common sense 101.”

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  1. tsrblke asks: “how did the FBI lose control of something so sensitive so fast[?]” The answer is simple, IMO: Choom Boy directed his AG to order them to “lose control.”

    The investigation might well — probably would — cause the wind to blow in an unfavorable direction for his Muzzie pals. He couldn’t have that since, as we all know, Islamic terrorism is now safely under control and the JV team (which we have on the run) is controlling events.

  2. Normally I would look askance at your suggestion, but there have been so many insane examples of Obama being soft on Jihadists, and a few of him being supportive (see: Syria, Iran), that I will not dismiss it.

    My guess is that it is a combination of a powerful suggestion from the AG, coupled with the unspoken assumption that the administration never wants terrorism on the front page.

    But let us not forget that the FBI is a government department. They are almost certainly fuck-ups, and may have mismanaged this all on their own.

  3. Eh….I don’t think he cares one way or the other. To the Marxist Messiah, terrorism is a legitimate political activity, and is dwarfed by Climate Change and healthcare, etc.

  4. Lynch to FBI brass: “Good luck on your prospective promotion. Sure hate to have anything (significant pause) derail it.”

    Word comes down from FBI HQ to field officers sent to investigate.

    FBI field officer to empty apartment: “Anybody know anything about this? Does it involve terrorism? Anyone? Bueller?”

    Official FBI report: “No evidence of Muslim or terrorism was found.”

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