Drugs: They’re So Romantic and Chic!

heroinnewborns addicted to heroin and in the process of withdrawing…..

The next time some idiot libertarian (Capitalized? Lower case? I have no idea) spouts his bullshit about how drugs should be legalized and really, who does it hurt? Throw a nice straight right into his teeth and when he looks up from the floor, show him this article.

I appreciate the theoretical arguments against government intervention in private matters. And if drug taking were really private and individual, I might have some tolerance for these idiots. But it isn’t private, it isn’t insulated from the real world, and people who believe that it is are stupid.

America is going hog wild going after recreational drinkers, 95% of whom will never hurt anyone, much less destroy the life of an innocent newborn. Yet we have people who are actually taken seriously when they babble about legalizing drugs, which are, in most cases, far worse than alcohol. How can anyone look at these innocents and advocate for the legalization of something that is guaranteed to cause such unbelievable suffering?

Am I blind to the deprivations of alcohol? Of course not. I am well aware of its destructive power. But most people can handle it. Most people cannot handle hard drugs. And I am very much on the fence when it comes to marijuana. Adults seem to be able to deal with it effectively. I know several grown-ups who use marijuana and seem to function quite well, and quite successfully. But its effect on children and teenagers and, possibly, young adults is destructive.

So…I have outed myself as a curmudgeon.

Get off my lawn.

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  1. I’ve worked in a house for newborns addicted to drugs. It’s horrific. So much so that for the most part the young volunteers (which is what I was at the time) spend most of their hours with the older siblings housed at the same place (who aren’t addicted, but are usually wards of the state.)

  2. The “faces of meth” alone makes a compelling case against the libertarian position.

    For my part, “idiot libertarian” is an pleonasm.

  3. Libertarians are for less government, right?
    So who do they expect is going to regulate and profit in the legalization of drugs? Who do they think is going to intervene when we have hundreds of thousands more drug addicts in our neighborhoods?

  4. “No one man, it’ll just work out..like duh.”

    If there is anything that is actually perfectly exemplar of a market failure it’s drugs. But oddly the libertarians seem to ignore that part.

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