The unbelievable arrogance of the Left.

This originally started out as a rant against President Obama, then Neontaster and MWR put this in my twitter timeline:

The President said much the same type of thing in his speech about being “numb” and not caring and whatever straw men he usually spouts.

How dare both of they. It’s offensive that you think you can look in my head and know what I think. That you think I wasn’t stunned to my knees about Newtown or San Bernardino is demonizing me for no other purpose than politics and self-aggrandizement.

For that matter you think I don’t care that St. Louis City experienced roughly a murder every other night last year (188 was the final count by the police). Indeed it makes me cringe, I know that people can’t be expected to better themselves when they’re living in a small warzone. I reach out for answers, but I’m not finding any. No, the answer to gang black market sales is not some weird requirement for trusts buying guns. The left, always so sure of some action being better than no action, jumps into the fray with…well I’m not sure what exactly.

If I may look into your head for a bit President Obama, I think I will. But first a little backstory. Some years back I lost a cousin to drugs. Not to an overdose, but to a drug fueled run onto a California freeway. I still cringe every now and then and remember my dad dropping the phone in tears when he got the news. He blubbered so much nonsense or so we thought in the moment was nonsense (“she’s dead, she’s dead!”) my mom thought he had lost it, picked up the phone and then upon hearing the other end relay the same information, she too dropped the phone in tears.

In my anger, I wanted to string up my cousin’s friends who plied her with drugs, the dealers who sold them, everyone. I still can’t think about the state of California without getting angry.

Yet you Mr. President, who gleefully admitted that you smoked dope all the time and snorted “a little blow whenever we could get our hands on it” (per your own book), you have been fairly soft on drugs. Letting CO run amok, lessening sentences, etc. If it saves just one life Mr. President shouldn’t you be harder on this? If it could have saved my cousins life? Or might I suggest you, a (former?) user of drugs simply are numb to the pain of the families and friends of the tens of thousands lost to drugs each year. Do you not care?

You Ms. Valenti, say we should be worried about “those not crying…” have you wept lately for those lost to drugs? Why kind of monster are you?

My estimable co-blogger has pointed out the cost of drugs in another post. I urge you to read it. In the meantime, although I have urged civility in the past may I just say this:

Mr. President, go find a mountain of that blow you love(d?) so much and bury your head in it. That’s all you deserve at this point.

Update: And via @theH2 we have this mess:

Fuck you too NYT, fuck you so very much.


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  1. I can’t tell you ill this kind of thing makes me. It seems that these nasty asshats don’t care a whit for the people killed by gang violence in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Washing DC, and other such places. This is nothing but politics at is worst, using the dead to promote their pet project, namely, more gun control. The politicians in particular have to know that nothing – Nothing! they are proposing will stop these murders. Instead, they want to disarm the law-abiding, making sure they have no fighting chance to defend themselves and their children. More and more I’m seeing the kind of vicious commentary from the far-left against those of us who are rational. Yes, we weep for the dead, and would have preferred there was an armed citizen or two present at these attacks to stop the jihadists, criminals or crazy person. But that kind of belief is being vilified by the left, who don’t seem to mind that law-abiding people who don’t agree with them get slaughtered. After all, it fits right into their agenda.

  2. I am always amazed — at least until I think of the political implications — that the liberals shy away from punishing the actual criminals and simply choose to think banning guns will do anything but render the law-abiding public helpless.

    As one who became a shooter as soon as my father thought I could safely handle a firearm, I am also Neanderthal enough to believe that better deterrence would come from having (and enforcing) strict laws against using guns for a criminal purpose.

    Use a gun in the commission of a crime, and it’s LWOP. Kill with a firearm and get the needle. No exceptions, ever. And no delays in passing/carrying out the sentence.

    Yes, I can think of instances where that might seem extreme. But responsibility isn’t always pretty.

    I have always been fully prepared for the consequences of owning/carrying/shooting a firearm. I expect no less from the rest of the country.

  3. Someone in the media (or citizen journalists?) should make it a point to start reporting the daily crimes associated with illegal guns (and I am confident that the statistic of deaths by illegally obtained handguns will be much higher than all the Newtown’s and Sandy Hook’s combined in a year) and maybe then we can start talking sense to the knee jerk response idiots who want “common sense gun reform”. There needs to be some sort of action to choke the black market of it’s guns (Eric Holder comes to mind, heh)…

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