I Am A Responsible Gun Owner, And I Do Not Support Any “Sensible Restrictions”

outside-the-waistband-gun-holsterAnd as a citizen of a free society I accept that there may be more Newtowns and Charlestons in our future. But freedom has never been a cost-free proposition. We accept the chaos of free speech (although the academy is hell-bent on changing that) — knowing that incitement will occur, and people will be injured and perhaps killed. We accept significant restrictions on the way our police, courts and government may operate — knowing that crimes will be committed and criminals will go free because of the Constitution and the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments.

Obama’s reading of the 2nd Amendment is so twisted that it is essentially meaningless. Yes, an armed citizenry makes government uncomfortable. That is exactly the point. Any restriction on our right to keep and bear arms has a concomitant increase in government power. Every American who cannot or will not keep and bear arms cedes the power and responsibility of a free man to a government that does not have as its goal the protection and expansion of our freedoms.

A government that cannot trust its citizens with arms is a government that is on the road to totalitarianism.

2 comments to “I Am A Responsible Gun Owner, And I Do Not Support Any “Sensible Restrictions””
  1. I agree with you, CBD, except for the final sentence. We don’t have a “government that cannot trust its citizens with arms….” We have a government that refuses to trust them.

    Fair enough, in a way. I trust our government with nothing. There is not a single issue, matter of law or matter of individual rights they have not either screwed up or ignored.

    As long as those in power fail to trust me and stay out of my law-abiding life, I can only applaud the increasing purchase of arms by the citizenry.

  2. What I meant but didn’t say was that our current government is structurally incapable of trusting its citizens.

    The organization of our courts, our police, our security apparatus is such that the citizens are the enemy.

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