Judenfrei Is The Goal, And Europe Doesn’t Mind

This surprises me not at all. That any Jew desires to remain in Europe, and isn’t heavily armed and willing to use deadly force on the many 21st century Nazis in their midst is what surprises me.

The oh-so-sophisticated Europeans have never forgiven the Jews for their temerity to survive Hitler and the Holocaust. They would be much happier if we simply faded away….but a few dozen Arab pogroms will work just as well in their minds.

That is why as an American, and a Jew, I love the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. But my coreligionists in America…at least most of them…are woefully unprepared for what might happen. I have almost infinite trust in real Americans; the ones who love Israel, but I have no trust at all in their political masters, who are quite capable of following their European counterparts down the road to genocide.