Irony: Schumer & Extremely Well Paid Ex-Prof. Warren Launch “Students #InTheRed campaign”

First thing’s first. I call upon @Instapundit and all other well tweeted conservatives: HIJACK THIS HASHTAG!.

They did this on CNN this morning. There’s no level of irony too high here. Elizabeth Warren was paid nearly $350k at Harvard according to the notorious Right Leaning lie factory…The Boston Globe.

Indeed, if Republican’s had any sense they’d immediately go on the offensive about this. The left wants to talk about “Greedy corporations.” Ok fine, let’s talk about greedy colleges that hoover up government money to shower upon marginal intellects like Warren or build ever larger administrative buildings.

I got lucky, I saw into the scam my first year in, moved off campus, saved myself probably north of $30k, graduated undergrad with a bit less than $17k in loans. Because of that my wife and I are actually in the black net worth wise. Not by much, but by enough.

But let’s keep going there’s so much more to fisk! Warren said that “By 2020 we’d have 5 million jobs that required college degrees and no one to fill them”

Wait what? I thought college enrollment was remarkably high thanks to government help. Oh, wait, I see what’s happening, you’re confusing the issue. More likely the statistic you’re citing is because we’ll need 5 million engineers and computer scientists but instead we’ll have 5 million “Gender Studies” graduates. Another program created to just suck up that sweet sweet government cash. (Now then, I’m just going to go over here and hang my diploma for an MA in Health Care Ethics that just arrived…)

Still more she goes on “70% of public college students have to take loans to attend college.” OK, this stat may be true, but let’s consider a few things. 1) What is the loan value? No seriously, entering college is in theory your lowest earning time, so yeah you might have to spend a little to make a little down the way. Taking out a few thousand each year to cover costs isn’t the end of the world (if you finish in 4 years.) Interestingly a huge percentage of people have to take out a loan to buy a house. 2) Are they living on campus? Colleges have sold the idea of an “experience” as a way of creating a captive audience in what amounts to a company town. Yet another way to just suck up that free flowing government money. If you make that choice, there are consequences. Sorry, you got hustled.

There’s a great overarching point here which is perfect for the conservatives to latch on to (if the GOP had a lick of sense of course). Government (specifically the left) created this problem by distorting the market in favor of colleges sucking up all the money they could. Then, they took over the student loan business in order to squeeze it for profit to pay for Obamacare. And now their genius plan is to…double down on more of the same. Wake up Millennials, Warren, Schumer and the rest of the left is mortgaging your future to pay for their lavish present.


3 comments to “Irony: Schumer & Extremely Well Paid Ex-Prof. Warren Launch “Students #InTheRed campaign””
  1. A college degree is fine, but not necessary to live a comfortable life. What’s wrong with the trades?

    Frankly, an experienced tradesman(person) will make as much or more than a typical liberal arts major five or ten years out of college if they can even find a job.

    A lot of people I know/knew who had 4 year degrees, ended up in the trades because they couldn’t find jobs with their degrees. Some of them ended up owning their own companies.

    Not everyone is meant to go to college, but the liberals keep pushing that story out there.

  2. My plumber, a fine college-educated man ( I don’t hold that against him), cannot find a suitable young man (or woman) who is willing to learn his trade and eventually take over his thriving business.

    My guess is that he is taking in at least $300k, and probably clearing $200k.

    But that is far less desirable than having a degree in 16th century lesbian poetry of the Low Countries and
    making pretty designs on the double latt├ęs.

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