Rand Paul: “I’m losing so let’s go full crazy.”

So, I suppose it was only a matter of time. I mean apples, trees and what not. Full disclosure my dog in this fight is: “No Democrats” So No Hillary, No Sanders, No Trump.

Today on CNN (Just about 7:30AM CT) Rand was posed the birther question and he decided to roll with it. Apparently, according to Paul “it hasn’t been decided by the courts.” Which is surprisingly hyper technical, but OK. But then the poor doctor rather than shutting his mouth with the dodge continued. (Paraphrasing) “The constitution has these special terms, Ted Cruz was born to a US citizen and so is a US citizen, but since he was born in Canada it’s unclear if he’s a ‘natural born’ citizen which is what the constitution requires.”

For a dude who keeps dry humping the constitution on the senate floor this is either maliciously deceiving or woefully ignorant. And given his parentage I fear it may be the latter.  One doesn’t have to be a lawyer to know that “natural born citizen” separates from “naturalized citizen.” If Ted Cruz was a citizen at birth then he clearly wasn’t naturalized. By trying to split the difference on the birther issue Paul may come off as the stupidest in the room.

Rand’s constant “I have an important voice that deserves to be heard” bull is tiring. It also misses the point: when you’re neck and neck with Jeb! no one wants what you’re selling. Rand’s liberty platform is somewhat enticing but it bundles it up with isolationism that make Obama look like an interventionist. Rand forgets that when America recedes from the global stage chaos takes over. Does that mean we need to be involved in every conflict in the Middle East? No, that’s his straw man to thump, not reality. But it does mean we need to keep our interests in line. And right now an ascending ISIS and Iran are highly contrary to our interests. And, no, Sen. Paul, merely walking away won’t cause ISIS to stop attacking us.

Paul’s inability to separate his isolationism undercuts anything valuable in his liberty platform. The backdrop on which he’s running only highlights that even more. He’s cooked, he just is too naïve to realize it.

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  1. Paul Jnr has the same problem as Heb!: he’s genetically unfit to be president.

    In every multi-candidate race there will be Leaders and Losers. The Republicans have two of the former, and a whole bunch of the latter.

    Of course the Democrats have only losers, so there’s that.

    If Rand Paul had not shown himself to be afflicted with occasional bouts of The Craziness, he might be worth having in the race.

    Thank goodness Vermin Supreme is waiting in the wings!

  2. I’m not sure Rand Paul is an isolationist as much as a non-interventionist. Switzerland, North Korea, what’s the difference.

    As far as this “birther” issue with respect to Paul, I have searched, but have found no citations, only references, to this quote “in an interview on Fox News.”

    It would be helpful if writers link to their sources, so readers can determine context, etc. Otherwise any dialog just becomes pointless.

  3. IMO, the only noteworthy “birther” issue relating to Rand Paul is that he is the son of Ron Paul.

    It’s kind of like Don Rickles’s kid wanting to be Pope. There’s something Not Quite Right about it.

    The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. See: Bush, Heb! (and Bush, Dubya); Clinton, Chelsea (or Shrillery) and Kennedy, Any.

  4. “Cruz is a natural-born Canadian,” Paul said. “He was naturally born there. The question is, can you be natural-born Canadian and natural-born American at the same time? Maybe, but I think the courts will have to decide it, because it’s never really been decided.”

    Rand Paul: Ted Cruz ‘natural-born Canadian’ @CNNPolitics http://cnn.it/1ZWPNSQ

  5. In any event, Rand and McCain and Trump and all the others are wrong.

    Well, in 1971, five Justices on the Supreme Court settled the question of the citizenship right of a person born abroad to an American mother…
    The Court made it crystal clear that American citizenship is defined only two ways – by the 14th Amendment and congressional statutes. Put simply, a citizen is either natural born or naturalized. Sen. Cruz was not naturalized, so he is natural born. Period.

    Link: http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jan/13/susan-carleson-should-settle-cruz-eligibility-trum/

  6. I try to link sources wherever possible, but this was a live interview and CNN had no transcripts up yet. They do now.
    Y-Not linked one source. Now the transcripts are up, here’s what he said: CAMEROTA: So you agree with Donald Trump on this one?

    PAUL: I agree with a lot of people that say it’s been undecided. That the courts have not yet decided. If the courts have decided that if you were born in Canada and your mom was a citizen, you are a citizen, but the constitution has these unusual words that say natural born citizen.

    CAMEROTA: I mean, of course John McCain was born in Panama on a military base so you think that that’s the caveat?

    PAUL: Now the courts decided with (inaudible) water that if you are born in a U.S. territory that you are a citizen, the court have decided that. The courts have not decided if you were born in a foreign country whether or not you are a natural born citizen. It just hasn’t been decided.

    (Source http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1601/14/nday.05.html)

    See he hedges, quite a bit. Cruz is a citizen at birth per his own words, but not a natural born citizen? WTF man?

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