Rand Paul and My Editorial Policy.

I’ve been told I should link my sources more in my Rand Paul post. I’m not great about it it’s true. But I do try.
Here’s the thing though, some of what I write is a response to live interviews on TV. When that happens, I try to post the date (or say “today”) time (for me assume CT as that’s where I live) and network.
9 times out of 10 that network will be CNN. Why do I watch CNN? Dunno, laziness I guess, it’s the first in the clump of news channels on my TV.

Anyway, CNN does have a transcript service located at: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/

However, this service has a delay, usually about 24 hours for the draft transcript. I’m not going to lie, I do this in my spare time between my kid’s naps and dissertation writing. That explains the typos and poor prose, but it also explains why I don’t go back and link transcripts when they become available.

If I reference a live news interview, this is the resource you can use to check what I’m talking about. As for the Rand Paul thing, you’ll see my recollection of the quote was pretty spot on.

I said:

(Paraphrasing) “The constitution has these special terms, Ted Cruz was born to a US citizen and so is a US citizen, but since he was born in Canada it’s unclear if he’s a ‘natural born’ citizen which is what the constitution requires.”

He Said:

PAUL: I agree with a lot of people that say it’s been undecided. That the courts have not yet decided. If the courts have decided that if you were born in Canada and your mom was a citizen, you are a citizen, but the constitution has these unusual words that say natural born citizen.

(Emphasis added) Source: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/1601/14/nday.05.html

There’s little difference between what I paraphrased and the actual quote.

And I stand by my original statement. For a guy who’s constantly humping the constitution for votes, this is a horribly disingenuous reading of it. The courts have decided you’re either naturalized or natural born. Ted Cruz, per Rand’s own admission was not naturalized, so he must be natural born.



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