Auschwitz Was Liberated 71 Years Ago, But The Ideology Is Still With Us

AuschwitzI chose this photo carefully. It is old and tattered and looks like it belongs in another age, which is exactly what is happening to the world’s memory of the systematic murder of Europe’s Jews.

But the latest iteration of fanatical hatred of Jews is being gleefully imported by much of Western Europe. The oh-so-modern and post-nationalist European may hide his latent antisemitism behind leftist politics and carefully parsed attacks on Israel, but the Muslim invasion of Europe that is is occurring today consists of a culture that has absolutely no qualms about declaring its Jew-Hatred loudly, forcefully, and backed up by actions.

France, Holland, Germany, Belgium and others have all seen overt antisemitic acts on the part of their Muslim invaders, but have been curiously passive in defense of the Jews. Perhaps they have internalized Churchill’s warning that “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last,” hoping that appeasement in the form of sacrificing the remaining Jews of Europe will, eventually, temper the most savage instincts of the Muslim invaders.

But it won’t, as history has taught us too many times. Jews have been described as the canary in the coal mine, and in 21st. century Europe they are exactly that. The “migrants” have already turned their attentions to European women….perhaps there is so little strength left in European men that they are willing to appease the hordes with their wives and daughters.

Europe has never forgiven the Jews for surviving the Holocaust, and today they are ignoring the powerful message that European Jewry is providing them: Islam is on the march, and no amount of appeasement will save you.