Wow…50,000 visitors.

crowdWhen we started this little experiment in August, my assumption was that we would draw a few deeply disturbed political junkies (and, of course, our families) to read our blather. But the response has been pleasing, with unexpectedly heavy traffic and intelligent comments from engaged and perceptive readers. Not as much family traffic as we expected, but that will be dealt with at Easter and Passover.

Anyway…thank you so much for honoring us with your attention, especially since there are so many interesting people out there whose thoughts and perspectives are at least as interesting as ours!

9 comments to “Wow…50,000 visitors.”
  1. “…intelligent comments from engaged and perceptive readers…”

    This is why I have avoided commenting. Wouldn’t want to drag down the high quality of the place. ; )

    Congrats, and may the hits just keep on coming.

  2. This blog is so amazing that everyone who comes here is going to amazed at just how amazing it is!

    Congrats to my co-bloggers.

  3. Of course 48,000 of those visits were from Estonian IP addresses. I don’t even want to imagine what the word cutjib means in Estonian.

    (seriously though, congrats)

  4. Admittedly I’m still trying to figure out why JG’s post on Iowa vs. CA graduation rates keeps getting more and more hits!

    Every time I claim the most visited page spot, he takes it back!

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