Food Talk: Let’s Get Ready for the [Redacted, CEASE AND DESIST, signed the NFL]

Eh, OK, so I’ll have to do this post without any trademarked terms. Time to break out the tricks from my state lotto’s marketing team (they actually ran a commercial using these trademark dodging tricks!)

If you live under a rock you’ll be surprised to find out that tomorrow is the “SUPER[crowd cheering drowns out rest].”

Yes that’s right it’s time for the big game again. While your preparing to cheer on your favorite time in the SUPER[crowd cheer], what will you be eating?

It’s become a recent tradition for me to make homemade buffalo wings. I use Alton Brown’s method of drying the wings for several hours (overnight sometimes) in the refrigerator. Which I never understood because step 2 is to steam them for 10 minutes to render out some fat. He calls for them to be cooled on rack here, I usually put them back in the fridge to dry them out again.

Then Bake at 425F for 40 minutes on an oiled rack to prevent sticking (I skipped this one and it was a mess) turning once.

I toss mine in a mixture of 1/4cup Frank’s red hot and 3oz butter with some salt and garlic powder (I know, I know, use fresh garlic, but let’s face it the hot sauce does the talking here.)

The results in the last few times I’ve done this has been pretty good. More recently I’m having some problems with the sauce separating and not sticking to the wings as well as I’d like. It’s not a big deal, I just toss them as we eat.

Wings tend to be our main course on “Big Football Day” [Crowd Cheer]. We’ll make up some chips and dip or something to fill the time while I get the wings finished.

My dad’s tradition is chili cheese dip, log o’ chili in velveta. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but the cleanup is a mess, especially if you get the temp wrong. I’m busy enough right now! ;).

Enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and Screw you Stan Kroenke.

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