Curiouser and Curiouser…

Hillary Clinton is currently running away at top speed from her speaking engagement history. At the CNN town hall she got a softball question about it that she couldn’t even answer. Why she figured “that’s what they offered!” was a reasonable answer is beyond me.

What I find most interesting is she has an easy dodge but she’s not using it: Just claim you did it all to bolster the Clinton foundation and all its good work!

:LAUGH, Breathe…laugh:

Ok are you still standing? Yes, 99.999% of the people reading this know the Clinton Foundation is a giant scam to (further) enrich the Clintons, pay off their cronies, etc. (That other .001% is a bacteria piggybacking on your computer screen that absorbed some pixel light.)

The vast majority of democrat voters though are probably sorely unaware of this. I can only see 3 possible reasons she doesn’t just deploy this dodge:

  1. She really is the worst candidate in history surrounded by the worst advisers ever to walk the face of the earth.
  2. The money didn’t really go to the Clinton Foundation (even though it’s been said before it has.)
  3. The Clinton Foundation is so utterly corrupt even the patsy leftist media couldn’t hide it while doing their cursory puff pieces on it.

Let’s face it, as bad a candidate as Hillary is, #1 just seems impossible. There’s bad, and then there’s Jim Gilmore level bad. Clinton may be cold, impersonal, and unlikable, but someone in her campaign is shrewd enough to come up with this.

#2 is possible, but easily remedied by some accounting tricks. And it’s not like the Clinton’s aren’t familiar with accounting tricks. I can’t rule it out. But it does open a pretty big weakness that could be exploited even harder by Sanders or in the general election (if the Stupid Party weren’t stupid.)

#3 is perhaps the most interesting. It’s one thing to know the Clinton Foundation is corrupt. It’s another thing to think that it’s so corrupt even a media full of “useful idiots” can’t hide it once the door is opened. It would make sense then for Clinton not to draw any attention to it at all. And, in fact, she really hasn’t. She doesn’t bring it up at all in speeches or as a credential. It just sits there in the corner hiding.

Now the obvious question: Why hasn’t Bernie “I don’t care about your damn emails” Sanders hit her on this? There are several possibilities ranging from: this was never meant to be a real campaign (see: Obama 2008 as an example), to bullshit about “positive campaigning.”

If I had to guess, I’d say it’s knowledge that slinging mud with the Clintons is a losing proposition. They’re experts at that game, and Sanders has a lot of weaknesses in this area too.┬áConsider this work from Andrew Stiles about Sander’s funneling campaign money to his family. Or the under-reported Daily Caller piece on Sander’s Wife’s dubious tenure running a small college.┬áBy not directly engaging he can at least hope the Hillargator will eat him last as it were.

Unless Hillary shores up her firewall though, she may have to go to these attacks. And then what happens next will send popcorn futures soaring!